Presenting a Series of Aesthetic Lighting Designs from Oluce


Presenting a Series of Aesthetic Lighting Designs from Oluce

June 19, 2017

Established in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni, the renowned Italian brand, Oluce is the oldest lighting design company in the country that is still active until this day. The Brand presents incisive design aesthetics and authoritative presence that is quite evident in their lighting designs. Today’s article will be exclusive about Oluce’s lighting collection which combines elegance and intimacy with an authentic narrative of style and time. These products were showcased at the esteemed design event, Euroluce.

Oluce at the 2017 edition of Euroluce

Oluce’s designs are characterised by a clear yet imposing appearance creating a dialogue through styles and generations, being perfect to any contemporary setting. These lighting pieces have their own powerful aesthetic impact as well as design language, take a look.

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mesmerizing design products by Oluce 17

Plume floor lamp was the ingenious creation of French designer, Christophe Pillet. This contemporary design blends a light, long-limbed and minimalist approach with a series of expressions that evoke the classic lighting style of the 50s. This piece is finished in matt black and stem for the rectangular base and brushed gold for the shade.

mesmerizing design products by Oluce 7

In an extraordinary collaboration with Oluce, Pillet also was the author of Berlin, a traditional lighting object that is formed by a thick metal ring with a slender profile enclosing a disc of wire mesh glass inside it. Its sophisticated version in gold drips of Art Deco and contemporaneity, breaking any preconceived notions regarding wall or ceiling lighting.

mesmerizing design products by Oluce 11

The dynamic duo, Angeletti & Ruzza designed the stunning Cylinda whose minimalist sophistication and geometrically poetic presence reflect the essence of Oluce. The purpose of its form, as the designers explain, are there “to eliminate, not to add anything that is not absolutely necessary: this was the mantra guiding the design of the lamp; with its quiet presence, it succeeds in creating a positive atmosphere that can transform everyday routine into everyday poetics.”

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Oluce entered in collaboration with a series of students from the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), in Rome. After a careful selection, the brand chose Mariana Pellegrino Soto and Francesca Borelli to be a part of the brand-new collection with their stunning lighting features.

mesmerizing design products by Oluce 1

Mariana Pellegrino Soto presented two collections: Alba and Recuerdo. The former was one of the most important displayed at the Euroluce’s exhibition due to its creative and nature-inspired character. The soft shapes of this series of pieces contrast perfectly with squared lines and the use of a gold finish, creating a strong visual effect.

mesmerizing design products by Oluce 2

The latter displays a round form with transparent glass that creates an elegant crystal matelassé or quilted effect. The LED light source is conserved by a frosted glass cylinder which allows it to play with light and reflections.

mesmerizing design products by Oluce 19

mesmerizing design products by Oluce 14

Moving on to the other emerging designer that was recognised by the brand, Francesca Borelli designed Eva, a metal table lamp that establishes an intimate connection between light, shape and movement. Supported by a slim cylindrical base, its body is formed by a ball that contains LED light source and it can be opened on one side. Its luminous light gives a sense of an eclipse.


mesmerizing design products by Oluce 21

Niwa is the result of another joining effort of Oluce with Christophe Pillet and it is the perfect design to incorporate in outdoor spaces. Evoking the old-style of deck lamps, Niwa is reinterpreted with a contemporary touch with cleaner shapes. Preserving a nomadic spirit, this lighting fixture is sheltered by a glass bell jar.

mesmerizing design products by Oluce 15

Initially created in 1977 by Vico Magistretti, the Lyndon suspension lamp has been revamped over the years for indoor and outdoor purposes. This piece creates a lighting effect worthy of the finest interior spaces. Its candelabra structure is finished in chrome whereas its four arms branch out from the main metal body, each extending to a transparent glass sphere.

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Source: Oluce