Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017!

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017!

November 16, 2017

This year, Portuguese Design it’s one of the focus of the Downtown Design, that is currently taking place at the Dubai Design District in luxurious Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This illustrious design event it’s in his fifth edition and every single one of them has been a smashing success. Supported by the Dubai government and some UAE royal families, the Downtown Design it’s already one of the most prestigious design events to take place in the Middle East/Western Asia region. That’s why, this year’s edition, features some of the most famous and luxurious brands from across the globe, such as B&B Italia, Carl Hanson & Son, Fendi Casa, Minotti or Kashida. Joining these popular players in the interior design industry are some proud representatives of Portuguese Design.


It’s important to note that this year’s edition marks the first real strong showing of Portuguese Design at this prestigious event. With the precious support of the AIMMP (The Association of Industries of Wood and Furniture Portugal), fifteen Portuguese brands decided to expose their products in this event in a very unique and special pavilion dedicated exclusively to Portuguese Design. As expected, the fifteen brands decided to present unique products well characteristic of Portuguese Design that includes all range of design categories, namely residential and commercial.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017

The fifteen brands that represent PortugueseDesign at Downtown Design are Alma de Luce, &Blanc, Bateye, Corque Design, DeFontes, Designers Mint, Fertini Casa, Green Apple, Tema Home, That Place, Trinta Por Uma Linha, WeWood, Fagotel and Se7e. Amongst these fifteen enterprises, there is one that’s no stranger to the Downtown Design event, the high-end brand Bateye.. Their showing at Downtown Design shows, once again, the ability of this company to create pieces that combine the latest technology with the rich Portuguese tradition.Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017 Within the luxury and opulence segment, Bateye was joined at Downtown Design by Fertini Casa. Following a flamboyant style, their pieces try to embroid in any possible buyer’s mind a sense of magnificence and luxury that captures the imagination. The collection present at Downtown Design 2017 it’s no exception.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017Just like Fertini Casa, Green Apple Home Style it’s also a brand in the luxury segment that develops exquisite and sophisticated collections eying the decoration markets of private luxury housing or luxury hotel ware. Their pieces don’t shy away from style, but are also perfect examples of the combination of high-quality furniture and functionality standards.Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017Within a more traditional style we have Alma De Luce. This brand fully represents the spirit of Portuguese design, thanks to their glorious craftmanship pieces that are usually inspired by Portuguese legends, traditions or places that best represent the country’s cultural identity.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017The brand DeFontes has also a very particular focus on Portuguese identity. Their pieces are simple but very eclectic and the company proud’s themselves of being capable of responding to every specific need of the clients without forgetting their identity.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017The Portuguese design of high quality it’s also well represented within the essence of Corque Design. This company uses cork, one of Portugal’s leading exports, as the main material for every piece, therefore, evoking unique sensorial properties and exceptional environmental characteristics with their always creative and functional furniture.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017Just like Corque Design uses cork, Wewood uses solid wood as the main material of their pieces. Each piece of this company is born from the inspiration of some talented  Portuguese designer or architect, but the true magic happens when it’s turned into reality by the experienced hands of craftsmen that know the pure essence of the unique Portuguese style.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017For a more contemporary furniture, we gave TemmaHome,  the home of some of the most respected Portuguese designers, such as Fernando Brízio or Filipe Alarcão. The clean look of their pieces is just as deluxe as the projects of ThatPlace. This brand mixes concepts of design and engineering in their elegant pieces for indoor or outdoor designs.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017We’ve already mentioned Corque Design, but this isn’t the only Portuguese design brand to use cork on their furniture. This concept is also used by Trinta Por Uma Linha, a company with a unique identity that uses national materials, including cork, to create their cultural inspired pieces.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017The concept of multidisciplinary design brands and teams also as a strong presence in Downtown Design and Portuguese Design. One of those examples is Se7e, a company that uses the combined force and talent of people from Portugal, Iceland and Italy to create some edging pieces. Another example it’s Designer’s Mint, a company that aims to connect areas of Architecture, Interior Design and Equipment within their unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Portuguese Design Showcased at Downtown Design 2017There’s also a space for small-scale decorative items or accessories thanks to &Blanc, that brought to Downtown Design eight examples of small pieces that help highlight any type of division. Finally, we have Fagotel, that like all every other brand in this article produces quality furniture using materials of the highest quality.

There you have it. We’ve presented fifteen shining examples of Portuguese Design that are present in Downtown Design 2017 in Dubai and that are hallmark examples of Portuguese Design. Of course, there are other sublime Portuguese brands that fully represent Portuguese design, like for instance luxury and sophisticated brands Boca do Lobo, Brabbu or Delightfull.


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