The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub

The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub ⇒ The Covet Foundation has a new project entitled CULTURE. The Creative Hub will be responsible for showcasing innovative design pieces, resulting in pioneering handcrafted creations. This unique project intends to discover the past, especially the ancient arts used at that time, design the present and create the future, with a more handcrafted approach. It acts as an outstanding opportunity to gather different generations together in order to further perpetuate the Portuguese heritage. The Creative Hub is now challenging the ancestral arts through design, projecting them into the future. Written by Gabriel Adao


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The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub


CULTURE welcomes (residences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions) and integrates these activities in a space of discussion, acquisition and production of knowledge, and besides artistic creation and design, it has the objective of creating awareness regarding identity, based on the crossing of knowledge, ideas and instincts as well as the material and immaterial heritage of legacy.


The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub


The Artist-in-Residence programme was conceived as an immersive experience in an open atmosphere that encourages limitless creativity. This comes as a great possibility to stay and temporarily work in Porto, Portugal, and to be exposed to an artistic community that lives on the constant evolution. The access to the Creative Atelier is included of course and the foundation provides the tools.


The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub


The artistic atelier where thinkers and makers will meet to join forces to develop pioneering handcrafted creations. CULTURE focuses on exclusive pieces and services taking into consideration the excellence of craftsmanship and the originality of the design.


The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub


This project is taking place in the new Covet Town, a Design and Craftsmanship city. An enormous project of Covet Group that is planned to welcome about 2500 people and promises to be a creative centre for design lovers. This new project combines different creative working spaces, from design studios and prototyping as well as production ateliers, museum, marketing players, and editorial teams.


The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub


In one of these spaces of Covet Town, the artistic ateliers created 12 exquisites and one-of-a-kind stools. The pioneering handcrafted creations will be displayed in some of the greatest events of craftsmanship like the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019, in Paris, France. The first challenge is to recreate a specific design stool called Erosion, originally designed by Boca do Lobo, with the specific crafts skills of every artisan in the artistic atelier. The final goal is the chance to stand out with pioneering handcrafted creations integrated into a curated Collection. One of the stools is now concluded and it was made with the ancient art of marquetry. The technique used refers to the process of applying thin slices of wood to the structure of the piece, to form the final decorative pattern.


The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub


The exquisite Murano glass stool was another pioneering handcrafted creation that was developed. Murano glass or Venetian glass is made on the Venetian island of Murano, a glassmaking centre for over 700 years.  During many years, Murano glassmakers created Cristallo – an almost transparent material that is considered the finest glass in the world. After this, a white-coloured glass (milk glass called Lattimo) was developed and takes the appearance of porcelain. The Murano glassmakers are considered the finest makers of mirrors in Europe. The Murano glass stool created in the artistic atelier of CULTURE has a delicate and distinctive shape with unique patterns. This is an unrivalled piece in the world of arts and crafts that offers an exclusive and immersive experience.


The Pioneering Handcrafted Creations at CULTURE Creative Hub


The third reinterpretation of the Erosion stool was made by using the technique of painting. Depicted in this stool is the idea of translation. The handmade technique of painting was used to create exquisite flower patterns combining traditional with modern elements. The CULTURE Creative Hub is assembling its first steps towards a brighter future of the craftsmanship world and the pioneering handcrafted creations taking shape in the artistic atelier are only the beginning. More projects are still come and the foundation wants as many people to be involved as possible in this unique process of developing pieces with meaning and character.


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