Oscars 2017 – The Most Outstanding Achievements In Cinematography


Oscars 2017 – The Most Outstanding Achievements In Cinematography

February 6, 2017

Oscars 2017 – The 89th edition of the Academy Awards is set to occur on the 26th of February. In an introspective of joining in two of the most celebrated art forms in our current time, meaning cinema and design, in its various forms, today, we will focus on exploring the glorious world of cinematography. These stunning sceneries and landscapes are often a great source of inspiration for artists of all sorts of fields, so take a look at this year’s nominees at the Oscars whose astounding work deserves to be cherished and honoured.


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The Oscars is about gathering the most influential individuals and personalities from all types of industries, from production design to film-making, to acting, to music, and countless others, thus commemorating the latest achievements in the artistic world. Through photography, lighting and camera work, cinematography comes as an emotive and expressive art form that captures real moments in its purest form. Four of the five films nominees were also distinguished for the best award of the oscars, Best Achievement in a Motion Picture, being the front-runners to the Coveted award, Moonlight and La La Land.



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In a tense and futuristic drama about language and communication between humans and extraterrestrials, what stood out the most in this brilliant film asides from Amy Adams’ stunning performance was Bradford Young hypnotizing visuals that made Arrival a film for the ages.


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One of the biggest revelations this year, Moonlight provided cinema enthusiasts with a humble and timeless story about self-discovery and relationships. Through a phenomenal exhibition of scenaries and raw emotions, director Barry Jenkins alongside cinematographer, James Laxton bring us a modern recount on how it feels to be different in a stereotyped society.


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La La Land


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This revolutionary musical directed by Damien Chazelle depicts the modern-day struggle of aspiring artists. Providing the most enticing scenes and performances, the film becomes an ode to dreamers which is the favourite to win most of the awards in which its nominated. Linus Sandgren was responsible for the outstanding cinematography.

la la land2 oscars 2017

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lion_2 oscars 2017

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This incredibly touching and frightening real life story explores an unfortunate reality that happens in India. A boy gets lost in the streets of Calcutta and is unable to find his way back home. Tormented by his past, when he reaches adulthood, Saroo is determined to find his family. Greig Frases scrutinises his tumultuous thoughts through the most vivid imagery possible.

lion12 oscars 2017

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silence-movie1 oscars 2017

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This historic and spiritual motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese has given Rodrigo Pietro his second academy award nomination. In Silence, Pietro explores the mesmerising landscapes while taking advantage of natural resources, such as fog and fire to represent the religious conflict that happened in seventeenth century Japan.

oscars 2017 silence

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