Nordic Design Showcased At the Fine Art Society

Nordic Design Showcased At the Fine Art Society – Until the 3rd of January of 2018, you can visit the “Nordic Design” exhibit at the prestigious Fine Art Society in London. As the name suggests, this exhibit it’s dedicated to Nordic Design but has a special focus on the work of iconic Danish designer Georg Jensen.

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Nordic Design Showcased At the Fine Art Society


The whole exhibit was developed around the work of Jensen. In fact, the original idea for this exhibit started in 2016, when one of the many Fine Art Society clients approached them because he wanted to sell his collection of Georg Jensen jewelry.


Nordic Design Showcased At the Fine Art Society


This approach was greeted with an enormous excitement by the Fine Art Society organization that immediately took the chance to present such a prestigious collection by such a historical artisan. In fact, Jensen it´s part of the Fine Art Society history.  In 1921 and in 1923, they had two selling exhibitions of the work of Georg Jensen direct from Jensen himself. Both exhibitions proved extremely popular in post-war Britain with the majority of the silver products being sold.


Nordic Design Showcased At the Fine Art Society


After that, Jensen opened its own flagship store in London and the Fine Art Society didn’t showcase any more selling exhibitions of his work. But nearly one hundred years after the first selling exhibit, the Fine Art Society took the chance and decided to put, once again, on display the glorious design work of George Jensen, along with some jewelry, silver and modern design furniture by other Nordic makers.


Nordic Design Showcased At the Fine Art Society


The “Nordic Design” exhibit it’s composed of 71 jewelry pieces by Jensen alongside several silver products by Nanna Ditzel, Hans Hansen, and Tapio Wirkkala. There’s also a space for furniture pieces by Hans Wegner, Philip Arctander and Kurt Østervig.


Nordic Design Showcased At the Fine Art Society


So what unifies the edit of this exhibit? Pippa Stockdale, the managing director of the Fine Art Society, revealed that it’s the quality of the craftsmanship, simplicity and the pursuit of beauty of all the products that bring them together in this amazing exhibit.


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Overall, this exhibition includes over 140 pieces by a selection of Nordic designers.  All works on display are offered for sale, including de Jensen Jewelry that clearly are the pieces that shine the most. But the truth is that the all collection it’s a unique masterpiece showcase of Nordic Design that shows the progression of Scandinavian Style over the 20th century. You can’t miss it at the Fine Art Society of London located at 148 New Bond Street, London W1S 2JT.

Image Source – Fine Art Society

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