New Showrooms: Passerini with Koket

New Showrooms: Passerini with Koket

February 6, 2017

Chelsea Harbour Design Centre’s new showroom Passerini, based in London, is the first physical space of the shop which opened due to the success that the online marketplace had. The online store had its inception about three years ago and mostly values a fusion of bespoke designs, craftsmanship, and heritage from Europe. The showroom will feature the exquisite Portuguese brand, Koket, developed by Janet Morais.  Passerini

To emphasize the showroom, the design center has gathered some of the best luxurious and handmade products in high-end furniture, lighting, and accessories but also features renowned décor brands to share their vision. As they became more established, more clients approach them to view products, whether if it was virtually or physically, and to ultimately purchase them.


Passerini was conveyed as a place to converse or assist designers and clients, but at the same time to showcase astounding pieces where people can truly enjoy design in its full meaning. In this sense, the store takes a divergent path, unlike the conventional retail or trade shop. So this sort of environment constitutes a very specific and active relationship.


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Even though, as of right now, the center is focusing mainly on Passerini, they do not discard the possibility of opening other showrooms, especially if the current one is successful. According to Sophia Passerini, the managing director, the center is even considering working outside Europe for their next ventures.

The showroom will exhibit seductive pieces from Koket, such as the refined Geisha Armchair and the majestic Guilt Mirror.

Products of the brands can be exhibited in the showroom or online, depending on the brand’s philosophy. As a result, the center envisions creating a multichannel which is quite the achievement for a design association.

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