New Apple Ipad Release

A new Ipad Pro is coming! The Ipad release was expected by millions of Apple-fans all over the world. Recently it was introduced in San Francisco.

As it was emphasized by Apple CEO Tim Cook, this Ipad is “the biggest news in iPad since the iPad”. The extra-large iPad Pro is a new 12.9-inch tablet as thin as the iPad Air and powered by the new A9x 64-bit chip. Running on Apple’s latest software, iOS 9, the iPad Pro will work with a stylus, dubbed Apple Pencil, and a smart keyboard accessory. It was launched alongside an updated iPad Mini 4 and lower pricing for the rest of the iPad line-up.


In addition to this, there are four speakers – resulting in far more volume output. The owner of a new Ipad 2015 may find a new type of connector on the side of the iPad Pro: the left-hand side if you’re holding it in portrait orientation. Apple calls it the Smart Connector, fairly straightforwardly. This was devised for the new Smart Keyboard accessory.



The design of a new Ipad Pro

Truth be told, the iPad Pro is a companion piece to the iPad Air 2. The difference between these two masterpieces is the fact that you’re just getting a lot more in this model: the general layout, its material, edging and so on all match.


It is possibly to conclude that the positioning of the buttons, the lightning and headphone ports, the touch ID-equipped home button seemed to be the same as on the smaller iPad Air 2. However, there are some key differences to the design. These are not cosmetic differences. In other words, iPad Pro does differently.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the screen’s design has been enhanced. This isn’t something that you will be able to notice from the exterior hardware, but Apple is confident that you’ll notice is when the device is in use.



Along with the new design of the Ipad Pro comes a new processor. The iPad Pro houses an A9x chip that will purportedly perform 1.9 times faster than its smaller counterpart, with graphics performance faster than 80 percent of portable PCs, according to Apple. moreover, the Ipad will offer about 10 hours of battery life. Can you imagine? Incredible!


All in all, Apple is the brand that people respect, trust and adore. All devices, produced with an apple at the back, make our world more modernised, developed and our life more interesting with every touch, movement and even thought.


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