Most Expensive and Exclusive Universities

Most Expensive and Exclusive Universities

January 2, 2015

For some of us the university we choose is based on the college reputation and education. But for all the university pick is one the most important choices that someone has to do it in their lifetime.

From undergraduate majors, to master degree’s and doctoral programs there are a wide range of choice, but the top colleges and the most expensive one’s are located in the US soil.

This may surprise you, but the world’s most expensive universities are not located in the Swiss Alps or on the balmy shores of the Persian Gulf. And the Ivy League Universities such as Harvard or Princeton, or ancient halls of learning like Cambridge or Oxford in the United Kingdom are not the most expensive universities.

Here’s a selection of the most prestigious and acclaimed colleges of the World, according to Chronicle of Higher Education, and, off course, you have to be the best to be part of the best! There are all private, all selective and all extremely pricey…


George Washington University

  • Washington, D.C.’



Ohio’s Kenyon College

  • Gambier, Ohio



Bucknell University

  • Pennsylvania



Vassar College

  • New York



Sarah Lawrence College

  • New York



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