Milan Design Week 2018: Ventura Projects Finds a Brand-New Destination

Milan Design Week 2018: Ventura Projects Finds a Brand-New Destination

April 6, 2018

Milan Design Week 2018: Ventura Projects Finds a Brand-New Destination ⇒ In 2018, Ventura Projects found a new destination, Ventura Future! This new project will act as a faultless panorama to present creator’s projects and products to a wide-ranging international and motivated audience. Ventura Future will pave the way for resourcefulness and experimentation, thus elevating the design scene and its contributors.


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Ventura Future will focus on the next development in design. With a special eye on future concepts, innovative techniques, new materials and progressive visual language. It is destined to present the very best of contemporary and experimental design.


Milan Design Week 2018


Moreover, this unique project will occur in a three astonishing veneues in the Loreto district, a stunning Milanese gallery space, known as the Loft; FuturDome, a former meeting place of the Futurist movement, here guest well have the opportunity to see a showcase about the future epoch of design; and lastly exhibitions will also take precedence in the former pharmarcy faculty of Viale Abruzzi, an ancient building with an early-century residence style. Former students of the faculty will be some of the main exhibitors which will allow visitors to have a perspective of the next generation of designers.





82 designers will be focused on discussing about technological advancements, including limited resources and changes to the health care system, as the representatives of Venture Projects disclose, “The fact that our world is changing rapidly, and that we find ourselves facing environmental, social, political and technical challenges, should come as no surprise, We have hit exciting times in design history, wherein the world is increasingly embracing the ability of designers to think outside of conventional structures and produce radical solutions.”


Now, here are some of the main features of Ventura Future that you should definitely check it out:


  • IV-Walk Project by Alissa Rees. This comes as an alternative wearable solution for traditional hospital drips.



  • Patch by UM Project. This particular exhibition aims to show how you create mini power stations in your home by using connected furniture.



  • Rubdish Project by Diederik Schneemann and photographer Aldwin Van Krimpen.


Milan Design Week Ventura Projects Finds a Brand-New Destination-3


  • Common Sands Tableware by Belgium-based Studio Plastique.


Milan Design Week 2018 Ventura Projects Finds a Brand-New Destination-2


  • Sensory Objects by Nienke Helder. The designer has created a series of sensory objects with the purpose of rehabilitating women that have been affected by sexual abuse.


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Source: Ventura Projects | Dezeen