Milan Design Week 2019, Day 5: Top 3 Events You Cannot Miss!

Milan Design Week 2019, Day 5: Top 3 Events You Cannot Miss!

April 13, 2019


Milan Design Week 2019, Day 5: Top 3 Events You Cannot Miss! ⇒ Milan Design Week 2019  continues to grace the streets of Milan on this fourth day of its duration. With so many events taking place in the city at the moment it can be hard to keep track of what’s worth adding to your agenda and what’s not. As a little help to that task, CovetED Magazine gathered a list of the most important event to attend today. – Get ready, and have fun!


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Dimore Studio Exhibition


Image Credits: Paola Pansini; courtesy of Dimore Studio


If you are coming to see it, you can expect loud rock music, strobe lights, and metallic objects setting a dramatic mood for Dimore Milano’s debut exhibition ‘Interstellar’ during Milan Design Week.


Image Credits: Paola Pansini; courtesy of Dimore Studio


Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, founder’s of Dimore Studio, ventured out to create a new brand which blends into their wholesome approach to residential, hospitality and retail projects. The launch includes bold furniture, fabrics, sophisticated objects, and outdoor collections.


Zanotta for Lubiam 191



The two companies, representing Italian know-how all over the world, come together to celebrate Design Week and create a “relax deluxe zone”: an area conceived to welcome guests and allow them to relax and chill.

The square will become a lounge for experiencing luxury and relax by lying down on the popular chair Sacco, which after 50 years is still the symbol of a cultural mood and a lifestyle beyond trends.

You can visit this event located at Lubiam Bou que, via della Spiga, in Milan.


Ikea Feel Home



Experiences the lights and sounds of the Symfonisk products, born from a collaboration between Sonos and Ikea.

Find out how a kitchen sounds and what is the soundtrack of the night. This and much more is what IKEA will offer at Torneria Tortona. In addition, you will find hot dogs and hot topics, cool drinks and fresh news.



IKEA invites you to discover its smart home: a playground where you can interact with lights and sounds through experiences, installations and DJ sets. The great protagonist is Symfonisk, a new product developed in collaboration with Sonos for IKEA.

Visit the IKEA exhibition at Via Novi 5, in Milan.




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