Milan Design Week 2016 – a visit to Rubelli Showroom

Milan Design Week 2016 can provide you different experiences, and today Coveted Magazine had one at Rubelli Showroom at via Fratebenefratelli. When the doors opened, magic happened…

Milan Design Week 2016 - a visit to Rubelli Showroom (19)

RUBELLI collection

Rubelli Venezia 2016. An endless sequence of colours – subtle, soft, elegant, fresh, bright, deep and understated for a large number of plain colour fabrics with strong personality. A new take on texture.

Rubelli Casa fabrics

Rubelli Casa fabrics

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Lampas with metallic weaves creates an irregular grid pattern or dots that appear chiselled. Silk that is a contemporary restyling of patterns that have made history. Chenille with a raised wavy effect. Textured fabrics in which the elaborately constructed weaves gain in importance over the actual pattern.

luxury fabrics by Rubelli Casa

These are the strong points of the Rubelli Venezia 2016 collection, the result of ongoing and constant research into technology and designs by the Rubelli Design Studio. A collection in which the old and new live peaceably and democratically side by side, where old is a byword for inestimable value which is the source, now as in the distant past, of the wonder when faced with the richness and beauty of silk or a special manufacturing technique.

Rubelli fabrics for home decor

The cotton is high quality, the silk timeless and the viscose alternates between shiny and matte. Floral or geometric patterns reference familiar and fantasy shapes. Metallic weaves add luxury and appeal. The ageless charm of shimmering fabrics.

luxury living room ideas by Rubelli Casa

luxury living room ideas by Rubelli Casa

DONGHIA collection

“Inspired by jewels and their precious settings, the 2016 Donghia furniture and lighting collection celebrates the union of decorative embellishment with functionality and lifestyle. Faithful to the Donghia tradition of comfort and relaxed elegance, this collection is a jewel box of couture furnishings.

Donghia side tables collection

Donghia coffee tables collection

Donghia coffee tables collection

Materials dictate the design of each piece in the 2016 furniture collection, each a polished adornment for the home. Unique and captivating details abound in each piece, ensuring a rarity in furniture design. Facets, arches, and rich settings one might find in an exquisitely wrought necklace infuse the collection with evocative brilliance.

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Refined yet fanciful processes offer a sublime 2016 lighting collection. This assemblage of personal jewelry for any space enchants and delights. Artisanal decorative techniques and skilled workmanship done by hand, one by one, result in lighting pieces unlike any others.

Luxury stones in lighting collection

With the highest level of distinguished design and craftsmanship, the 2016 furniture and lighting collection showcases Donghia’s philosophy of living a well-tailored”

Coveted Magazine thanks to Steve for all the attention and all information gave about Rubelli’s new collection!



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