Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast

Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast ⇒  During the Equip Hotel Paris 2018, PullCast debuted two new Skyline Pulls that completed the elegant and amazing family of Skyline Pulls.


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Today, PullCast Blog will explore all the products of this Pull Family and will give you advice on how you can apply them to your home. So pay attention and join us on this journey of inspirations.

Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast


Let us start by presenting the basis of inspiration of this collection! As you might have noticed, one of the major postcards of any major metropolis is their skylines. They usually represent a city urban and architectonic identity, we can even say that Skylines are the city’s profile, an iconic symbol, and just like any product of the Skyline Family, they create a silhouette when set in context.


Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast


Part of PullCast’s Comspolotian Collection, the Skyline Pulls fully embodies the Urban Inspiration of this product family. The best you can give to a Skyline Pull is to apply it to a Door and use it as a Door Pull. There are various Door Pulls available on the Skyline Family and, as you can see from the picture above, there are vertical and horizontal options!


Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast


One of them is one of the new pieces presented in Equip Hotel. It’s a silk and tall door pull that fully represents the elegance and sophistication of the most cosmopolitan urban centers like New York, Chicago or Tokyo! This new pull works perfectly when applied to connection doors on your master bedroom or your incredible loft, but also in the doors of major furniture pieces like wardrobes! It’s a delicate piece that’s also very versatile and that’s why you can apply it in any decor style. Even though it will work perfectly when combined with a cosmopolitan style that features plenty of White or Black elements that allow this Pull to shine, you can also combine it easily with a more mid-century modern style.


Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast


For a more robust option, you can opt for the other Door Pull of the Skyline Family. This pull was one of the firsts of this hardware family and it can be used as a pull for your apartment’s entry doorway, but it works perfectly as a door pull for the inside of the house as well. We can imagine this pull as the perfect decor detail in a lavish contemporary living room or dining room. You can just imagine open the door of your luxurious living room using this exquisite door pull!


Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast

There are also options of the Skyline Family that you can apply in your furniture. You can use this Skyline Cabinet Pull or this Skyline Drawer Pull on any cabinet, sideboard or wardrobe in any division of your room. It’s a versatile pull that works perfectly in all the rooms of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. To create that “wow factor” you just need to combine this amazing pull with some elegant and powerful furniture pieces that accompany the exquisite, elegant and luxurious style of this powerful pulls!


Meet The Powerfull Pulls of the Skyline Family by PullCast


What you need to take in considerations is that any product of the Skyline Family is very delicate. It can be the perfect accessory for your home decor and any of them is the perfect example of jewelry or architectural hardware taken to the next level, but you need to know that you must include any of these pulls in a style environment that’s similar to its elegance, otherwise this product won’t stand out. Aren’t they Powerfull Pulls?


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