Maison et Objet 2017 – Imperfettolab’s Own Idiomatic World of Furniture


Maison et Objet 2017 – Imperfettolab’s Own Idiomatic World of Furniture

January 17, 2017

Imperfettolab will be exhibiting exceptional and curated pieces at the grand event, Maison et Objet 2017, in sector Scènes D’Intérieur – gallery.  Developing its own idiomatic world of furniture and design, Imperfettolab brings into existence natural and imaginary objects and pieces of furniture keeping the spirit of sculptural expression and handicraft very much alive. This collection becomes a combination between nature and artifice. Throughout this article, you will be able to visualise a few of the characteristic and thought-provoking pieces that will be shown at the lifestyle, decoration and design event.




Arenaria Chrome

“For twenty years the tireless pioneers of imprecision who gave birth to Imperfettolab, have been pursuing a beauty which loves contamination, eludes aesthetic canons, goes beyond the boundaries between art and craftsmanship, between nature and artifice, between utility and poetry, in an equilibrist game, a balancing act between different extremes, and have managed to walk their rope, to the other side.” – Sabrina Foschini



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introverso maison et objet 2017


Exclusively producing original designs, the Italian-based brand showcases the prominent works of Verter Turroni and Emanuela Ravelli in a wide variety of projects, from benches to tables, to bowls and sculptures in an extraordinary fashion of being inspired by the imperfection of raw materials.


Mini Bolla

Fibreglass becomes their main weapon of choice due to the translucency and brightness behind the material. Firstly, their pieces are moulded and only then sanded, painted and polished all by hand which results in an idiosyncratic approach to each production.


Mondo Lume

olmo_02 maison et objet 2017


“Nature has always been the master of form and grace for the creatives of Imperfettolab … even the rawest abstraction retains the core of a glossy fruit, the section of a trunk, the spiral architecture of a shell or the structure of a mushroom, as if the imagination that made them possible, though extending into unexplored lands, has kept an aerial root which connects them to the earth and its life cycles, to their origins and to those of the world.”



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Ossidania maison et objet 2017


Design enthusiasts ought to visit the Imperfettolab’s stand as it is an epitome for originality in peculiar and awe-inspiring commemoration of design.

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Source: Imperfettolab