LDC Summit 2019 Speakers: Nini Andrade Silva

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The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit is coming soon and promises to deliver incredible talks by the industry’s most acclaimed minds. One of the guests at this year’s event is Nini Andrade Silva, a Portuguese interior designer that is taking the world with her work and dedication to the Portuguese heritage! Come along with CovetED and learn more about the world of luxury design and craftsmanship.


LDC Summit 2019 Speakers: Nini Andrade Silva


Born in Funchal and graduated in Design at the Institute of Visual Arts Design and Marketing (IADE) in Lisbon, Nini Andrade Silva pursued at the same time her academic and professional course in New York, London, Paris, South Africa and Denmark. With a work of high national and international recognition, Nini Andrade Silva has taken Portugal’s name to the four corners of the world, having, on several occasions, her work distinguished by various institutions, as well as becoming a regular presence in prestigious publications from all over the world.


LDC Summit 2019 Speakers: Nini Andrade Silva


Parallel to her well-known career in the field of architecture and interior design, Nini is also the author of different interior and exterior furniture lines, and the versatility of her work also highlights her great passion for painting being her work present in important collections and museums of contemporary art worldwide.


LDC Summit 2019 Speakers: Nini Andrade Silva


Recently, Nini Andrade Silva opened the doors of her Design Center located on Madeira Island, strongly inspired by the culture, history and roots of the land where she was born. The artist’s private collection is at the heart of the creation of the Design Center, a project built around of a museum based speech that will allow a better understanding, in an unprecedented way, of the history and culture of Madeira Island and its strong connection to the sea.


LDC Summit 2019 Speakers: Nini Andrade Silva


Nini Andrade Silva will bring her amazing insights to this lively discussion, this year at the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit where will be debated the new trends and practices for design, the importance of craftsmanship in luxury, and what is next for the luxury industry!


LDC Summit 2019 Speakers: Nini Andrade Silva


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