iSaloni 2017 – Meet Striking and Exclusive Italian Pieces from B-Line

Italian furniture brand, B-Line will be exhibiting once again a cluster of striking designs from prominent designers,  at the prestigious design fair, iSaloni 2017 in hall 16, stand D34. Being exclusively made in Italy, each piece combines a bit of tradition with originality through a carefully selected range of materials, so take a look at four exclusively made in Italy furniture pieces.



The Merano collection of lightweight, elegant lounge chairs and pouffes designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen. The metal frame on which the four large cushions rest is made of two easy-to-assemble parts, designed to reduce volume and packaging as well as enhance environmental sustainability and ease of storage.

Merano_03 isaloni 2017

Nubila_02 isaloni 2017
This year also marks the beginning of B-Line’s collaboration with Elena Salmistraro, a young ambassador of Italian design and creator of the Nubila shelf, which features a smooth graphic design recalling the shape of a tray, suggesting it can be used both for serving and standing items on.

Nubila_03 isaloni 2017

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Toro_02 isaloni 2017

Another novelty is the Toro chair by Michael Geldmacher which was inspired by zoomorphic shapes. The backrest resembles the horns of a bull. The “oversized” tubular structure and simplified design make it stackable and give it a strong figurative image.

Toro_03 isaloni 2017

Boby_2017_Tender Rose_01 isaloni 2017

The Boby trolley was designed by Joe Colombo and plays a leading role in the design industry. Nowadays, this piece is exclusively manufactured by the Italian brand, and it is available in a tender rose and blue version.

Boby_2017_Tender Rose_02

To conclude, all the collections of the Italian brand are featured in the new catalogue which contains projects of designers like Kristian Aus, Stefan Bench, Busetti Garuti Redaelli, Matthias Demacker, Neuland Paster & Geldmacher. A selection of furniture and furnishing accessories with different functions that are highly versatile and make appropriate use of materials and cutting edge technology integrated with traditional craftsmanship.

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