iSaloni 2017 – Impressive Industrial Designs by Studio LIDO


iSaloni 2017 – Impressive Industrial Designs by Studio LIDO

March 8, 2017

iSaloni 2017, also known as Salone del Mobile is set to occur from 4th to 9th April in a magnificent celebration of the latest achievements in the furniture industry all around the globe. By virtue of such, today, we are going to talk about one of the most fast-growing and impressive design studios, in Milan, Studio LIDO (Laboratore Innocenti Design Office). Founded by Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore, the studio specialises mainly in industrial design, among other areas.

Lido_portrax isaloni 2017

The dynamic duo has divergent experiences and backgrounds in comparison to each other, as Ilaria’s vision towards design is rather influenced by an interior design education with a strong visual culture whereas Giorgio’s focus is directed to industrial design in combination with insightful knowledge of materials and production.

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At Milan Design Week, the innovate design studio will unveil three new novelties of home furnishings, including a lavishly semi-upholstered armchair, a functional and stylish wall clock as well as a small furniture piece with a metal structure. Take a look at their enticing features and character.

Chemise-by-LIDO-My-home-collection1-1024x768 isaloni 2017


Chemise is an armchair with a double personality: a soft upholstered fabric wraps a severe structure. Austere with a strong aesthetic, the structure has a shaker taste that fits perfectly with the soft and cosy volumes of the cushions. It creates a rhythm by alternating undefined fabric shapes with a rigid metal tube structure.


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Popup-by-LIDO-Incipit2-1024x1535 iSaloni 2017

Popup is an ultra flat wall clock that comes off the wall thanks to a simple bending on metal sheets. So it gains depth and volume becoming an object with a strong graphic impact. High contrasts of metal surfaces enrich the clear design of a new object. The base is powder coated with a  matte finish. The quadrant is anodised with a brushed finish.


Halfie-by-LIDO-My-home-collection2-1024x768 iSaloni 2017

The stone top is divided into two halves and suspended on a thin metal structure reminds a drawer still open. The result is Halfie, a small furniture that acts as a giant pocket with multiple purposes: magazine rack, cocktail cabinet, coffee table or bedside table.

Halfie-by-LIDO-My-home-collection1-1024x768 iSaloni 2017

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Source: Studio Lido | Social Design Magazine