Iikone Coffee Brewer: the most amazing coffee brewer ever made?

Iikone Coffee Brewer: the most amazing coffee brewer ever made?

December 24, 2016

The Iikone Coffee Brewer is the very first pourover coffee brewer with a totally unobstructed filter. The only coffee pour over brewer without any intermediate surface between your coffee particles and your cup.

Iikone Coffee Brewer 11

 IIKONE Coffee Brewer has a unique style. This minimalist brewer design brings a purist approach to pour-over brewing with a bold aesthetic. Bartosz Garlińskie is the designer that has developed a pour-over brewer for Ilkone that will surprise you!


iikone coffee brewer 8

The spectacular aesthetic and hospital-grade stainless steel of Garliński’s iikone puts the brewer in a visual and material class of its own. Iikone claims this design allows for unfettered access to the grounds, resulting in a better, more well-rounded cup of brew.

Iikone Coffee Brewer 9

Likone is one of a kind! It stands about 15 inches tall and is built from medical-grade stainless steel. The most revolutionary feature of its design is the fully uncovered cone filter. The secret to the brewer’s exquisite pour is the completely unobstructed filter,  producing a more complex and less bitter coffee. 

iikone coffee brewer 7

The aesthetic taste is unbelievable, spider-shaped, sharp angles and clean line. Certainly, This Coffee Brewer can be the start of many discussions, might be more art than function? It fits better on a gallery or in your kitchen?  It certainly cuts an interesting figure in the minimalist’s kitchen. After reading this words tell us what you think, is this the most amazing coffee brewer you ever saw?

iikone coffee brewer 5

This masterpiece is available for purchase online for $699. The brewers are shipped in hand-crafted, signature wooden boxes, which has the aesthetic taste that allow you to use it as a carrier if you desire to take your coffee in the house of a family member.

Iikone Coffee Brewer 10

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