How it all started for Rugby And Louis Vuitton


How it all started for Rugby And Louis Vuitton

October 28, 2015

The eighth Rugby World Cup is approaching rapidly. Long time ago our interior design magazine notified you about the new design of Rugby World Cup Case. It is a turn to find out more about this sport fashion cooperation between Louis Vuitton and rugby.


Ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2015 final where the prestigious Webb Ellis Cup and the new Louis Vuitton travel case will be showcased to a record global audience, CovetED Magazine take a look at the Louis Vuitton brand’s strong connection to the sport.


Louis Vuitton and William Webb Ellis became pioneers within their fields by individually pushing the boundaries in their fields of expertise, which is what enabled their legacies to live on today. Delving deep into the histories of both men, it is clear that both innovators shared many similarities; the predominant parallel being their impact and role in shaping the cultural and artistic landscape to be as we know it today.

Whilst attending Rugby School, Webb Ellis is reported to have picked up and run with the ball in his arms during a football match, which is seen as the beginning of the game that today is called Rugby. Thus, his name now adorns the Trophy presented at the final of the Rugby World Cup.

At a tender age of 16, Louis Vuitton turned his family residence into the cradle of the company, where the Asnières site has been the symbol of the Vuitton family’s personal and commercial success since 1859.
Two centuries on, there was the celebration of the union cemented between the sport and Louis Vuitton in developing the travel case for the Webb Ellis Cup. In other words, it seems to be a collaboration that both pioneers would have been more than proud of.


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So keep in mind that the Rugby World Cup Final Presentation takes place on Saturday 31st October 2015. CovetED Magazine waits for your comments afterwards!

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