Gaze At James Hare Playful Collections for Spring/Summer 2017


Gaze At James Hare Playful Collections for Spring/Summer 2017

March 27, 2017

James Hare Interior Fabrics has recently launched three vibrant and playful collections for the spring and summer of 2017. These were actually inspired by the traditional games of Domino, Mikado and Solitaire, and inclusively were named after them.

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The three collection of fabrics, upholstery and draperies are best defined by a fabulous showing of colours, textures and patterns. Pastel and neutral tones are combined with geometric shapes and textural embroidery in order to give birth to an enthusing and close-knitted collection. Colours like green, yellow, pink, red, blue and purple are used in such manner allowing a flowing cohesiveness within the collections. This is most certainly a different display from the previous collections of James Hare Interior Fabrics but it has an unexpected theme to it that is bound to please many design devotees.

Domino Collection

march_new_collections_mid_4 james hare

Precisely the ancient game of Domino, the collection is characterised by skill and balance and in each design, one can see the sides of domino bricks resting against each other. The jacquard fabric utilised in each piece has extremely contemporary touch due to regular lines and graphic striped chevron shape, not to mention the use of naturals and strong tones of colour that compliment every single detail.

domino 1 james hare

Below, you can see the Backgammon Linen inspired by the board game of the same name. This contemporary and glamorous fabric displays a detailed pattern of points and checkers becoming quite complementary with any kind of furnishing and upholstery.


Mikado Collection


The vibrantly colourful cushions and curtains turn Mikado into a striking embroidery design whose textures and patterns are bound to make a strong statement in your living room set.


Inspired by the table-top game, Bagatelle displays “gentle textural and sinuous waves mirror the movement of the ball skimming around pins on the board.” A silky and sophisticated piece that shows a wide variety of vivid colours.


Solitaire Collection

solitaire 1

The fabrics from the Solitaire collection have a depth like never seen as the textures, silky shimmer and reflection create an adaptable fabric according to lighting changes – “Solitaire is a semi-plain design that can proudly stand alone, subtly glamorous in a colour palette that breaks the rules.”


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Source: James Hare Interior Fabrics