The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship – Summit ’18

The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship – Summit ’18

June 20, 2018

The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship – Summit ’18 – The twentieth of June 2018. The Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit 2018 has arrived. With it, thousands of eager minds, anxious to pick the brain of the masterminds behind the event’s thinkers and the unsung heroes behind all the pieces we love, the makers. Taking place at Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar, Porto, Portugal, the event sets to raise awareness of luxury design’s biggest pillar: craftsmen. All the most luxurious, exclusive and unique furniture pieces have this common denominator. The room, thoughtfully decorated to the event’s purpose, is surrounded by several workstations, where the most talented craftsmen in the game show their skills and tell us the story behind their work. The luxurious panel is composed by Nicole Segundo, from the Michelangelo Foundation, Fatima Santos, from Associação de Ourivesaria e Relojoaria Portuguesa (AORP), the Portuguese Fashion Designer Luís Onofre and António Moura, an important developer in the luxury field. Moderated by the Covet Group‘s CEO, Amândio Pereira, this panel aims to trailblaze the path to tomorrow’s luxury design business.


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 In the background, we hear hammers gently banging on gold-plated metal, the soft whispering of needles threading through the delicate fabrics that compose Renda de Bilros, and the continuous flashes of the utmost curious photographers, afraid of losing any second of these precious arts. Amândio Pereira, the group’s CEO and the mastermind behind the beautiful madness that is to run a multinational design company, opened the event with a speech, carefully targeted to the brilliant craftsmen. Amândio took us back  15 years ago, when he bravely set the path, along with his companions, to today’s Covet Group. ”We want to elevate design and craftsmanship”, he said, and this event sure proves it.” To elevate design is to create soulful pieces that can be interpreted by many different ways” Amândio continued. And one can’t get more candid than that. The design might be everywhere, but to be able to understand it, to really get in touch with it, only the most passionately crafted pieces can achieve that.


The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18 The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18 The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18


Ana Teresa Lehmann, PhD, and the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Industry took on the spotlight afterwards, reminiscing the old, yet recent times when the group took the bold baby steps to become what it is today, anchored by the group’s eldest brand, Boca do Lobo.  ”Portugal has a tremendous potential in the luxury business, and the world’s starting to recognize it.”



”What you represent today, is the millennial story of a country” issued Carlos Brás, Gondomar’s city hall’s councilman, to all the design thinkers and makers present at the venue.  Both him and Teresa picked on Amândio’s words of commitment, ambition and encouraged to the tomorrow’s luxury business and to the brave craftsmen behind it.


The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18


Under Amândio’s moderation, Nicole Segundo opened the panel by describing the work of Michelangelo Foundation. To preserve, promote and encourage the future of craftsmanship, that’s the foundation’s motto. Nicole took on her time to present Homo Faber, an event held in Venice, in September, held simultaneously with the Biennale. With an Atelier-like atmosphere, the event aims to celebrate, promote and, above all, to promote the craftsmen work. In it, one will be able to find unique workshops where attendees will be able to see first-handed the work of these brave men and women.



Fátima Santos, the head of AORP (Associação de Ourivesaria e Relojoaria Portuguesa) was there to represent the uniqueness of the Portuguese jewellery. Under her supervision, the Portuguese Jewel Shapers was born. This program was created to honour the valiant craftsmen and women behind all the jewels we love. The core concept of this program is to know the hands behind the designs, to elevate it and, most importantly, to get to know the intricate details behind the piece’s production. It aims to change the consumer’s perception of the market. From something frivolous to authentic chef-d’oeuvre.



Luís Onofre, a talented shoe designer, took his time to present his brand’s path, from its beginnings to what it is now. With a complete handmade process, Luís showed how he incorporates jewellery into his detailed designs, and how his talented craftsmen and women fight every day to make his designs unique.


The Future of Luxury Design and Craftsmanship - Summit '18


Finally, António Moura, sees himself as an illustrious unknown person, as someone who fights hard in the business background. He’s the one responsible for integrating several high-end jewellery brands, such as Dior, in Portugal. António believes that the Portuguese luxury market has a tremendous potential, one that can’t be ignored. As such, instead of getting luxury brands into the Portuguese market, he’s now doing the opposite. Introducing Portugal’s finest to the world, and helping these brands grow exponentially.


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