CovetEd Exclusive Interview with Beata Heuman

CovetEd Exclusive Interview with Beata Heuman

January 18, 2017

Not having gone to any design schools, it was under the employment of Nicky Haslam that Beata Heuman learned the most practical and professional techniques about the design world. The young designer has developed her own design firm, based in London, in a short amount of time through hard work and a unique vision.

Beata Heuman by Simon Brown 4

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Heuman’s signature style is mainly residential. To the Swedish designer, her approach on design can vary, depending on the house or client, but it has an overall feel of colourfulness and naturalism, as well as a sense of humour and elegance. One of her main focus is to always accommodate a certain design to the client’s personality and vision.

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What attracts her most toward design is its versatile predisposition, that is to say, it’s a multi-layered industry. Heuman acknowledges that everything can be a source of inspiration if one is open-minded. Meanwhile, she is also delighted by meeting talented individuals whose preeminent focus is to create and build alluring products. She often does bespoke furniture and her company also designs their own fabrics.

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Beata Heuman is enthused about art exhibitions, reading, and traveling. In reality, it was in one of her travels to California that she unexpectedly found a preference. She thought it was a very unspoiled place imbued with a historical sense, evident by a large number of mid-century designs. In regards to references, Heuman is quite exhilarated by the work of departed American decorator, Elise de Wolfe and also by current and Londoner designer, Ilse Crawford. She is absolutely fascinated by the 30s and 40s.

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Even though each project has its own set of characteristics, Heuman treasures one, in particular, a design she recently did for a dauntless and youthful couple, as she describes, “I think it is quite rare that you meet someone who is sort of fearless and they don’t care what people think. They just wanted something original and unique, and not at all afraid of trying new things. I love doing things like that. So that was a great creative process.” Curiously, this design will be featured in House & Garden in the February issue of the upcoming year.

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Beata Heuman Ltd. is currently working on a country side project. They are also doing some exciting offices. Moreover, they designed the interiors of Farm Girl Café in Portobello Road, right in the heart of Notting Hill. Overall, the firm has a lot of smaller residential projects, and they are adding to their fabrics and lighting collection as well. In relation to tradeshows, Heuman mentions that Decorex and Focus are her favoured events, but as a whole, she finds them compelling because it is quite advantageous and an efficient place to find new suppliers and everything is gathered together.

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Her philosophy is to be adventitious by leaving certain situations up to chance, as a way not to be too controlling. Living by these standards, Heuman feels quite free and open-minded and is not afraid of trying new things. She advises newcomers to follow a similar path and to create a profile in social media, such as Instagram, in order to organically see people’s response to their products and to just believe in them.

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