ESPA Life at Corinthia London Hotel

ESPA Life at Corinthia London Hotel

February 22, 2017

ESPA Life at Corinthia London Hotel is a spa designed for those seeking an exclusive haven dedicated to relaxation, health and fitness. Spread over four floors and covering 3,300 square metres in the heart of London, ESPA Life at Corinthia offers revolutionary lifestyle programmes, incorporating complementary and alternative medicine, targeted fitness and rehabilitation services that focus on sports training, detox, sleep, weight loss, and general vitality.

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ESPA Life at Corinthia London Hotel

It offers many signature treatments designed especially for them, such as the Sleep Ritual, Bamboo Joint Release Experience, Dosha Specific Ritual, and the Active Abdominal Detox.

ESPA Life at Corinthia London Hotel

The Life aspect of their name, ESPA Life, is what makes this space so unique in London and sets him apart from other ESPA spas around the world.

Set in a space of iconic beauty, ESPA Life at Corinthia London is quite simply the Next Generation of Spa. A pioneering new concept, ESPA Life excels at offering a fully integrated approach to your wellbeing, bringing together a team of the world’s top experts to offer an unrivalled choice of spa, complimentary alternative therapies, fitness, beauty and Daniel Galvin Hair Studio. All of them are under one roof.

ESPA Life at Corinthia London Hotel

With a unique interior design concept managed by GA Design and an architecture planned by Sigma Architects, this Spa makes you feel in heaven. Every detail of the spa has been thoughtfully incorporated to raise the bar on spa excellence. The Light will welcome guests to the spa, slowly descending into rich and opulent darkness. The strongly curved walls and the soft contours enhance the energy flow and create individual pods, separating spaces of peace and comfort from the warmth of the ambient fireplaces and atmospheric mood lighting.  The sophisticated use of Calacatta and black Italian marble, rich black and champagne lacquer panels, dark stained oak, textured leather, polished chrome and pewter artwork create a luxurious and tranquil environment.

Sue Harmsworth, Founder and Chairperson of ESPA, was also incredibly involved in the design process. The Thermal Floor, for example, was her vision.

ESPA Back, Face & Scalp Treatment with hot stones is renowned as their ‘hero’ treatment.

Loved by all, this relaxing and deeply effective ESPA experience delivers triple results by focussing on three key areas – the back, the face and the scalp – making it the ideal treatment for anyone.

Includes: Back exfoliation – back massage with hot stones – Personalised Facial – Scalp massage

Your treatment will last for approximately 120 minutes (Price per person – £250).

The Thermal Floor is one of the most popular spaces of ESPA Life and it can be found on the lowest floor of the spa. All guests of Corinthia London are able to use the thermal floor, all clients can experience treatments that last 2 hours or longer. The dramatic Thermal Floor consists of an Amphitheatre Sauna, Steam Room, Feature Showers, Ice Fountain, Pool, and Vitality Pool with various air and water massage jets, marble heated lounges and relaxation bays.

It is very easy to lose track of time in ESPA Life. They often have guests who end up staying much longer than they had originally planned. That is a testament to the superb facilities and how it is the most relaxing and calming environment– you would never know that you are in the heart of the hustle and bustle of London.

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At ESPA Life they have a strong focus on people and constantly provide educational workshops to engage grow and develop our people, leading to a natural opportunity for promotion and a general sense of fulfilment for the team.

They have a lot of high-profile clients who love to use the spa due to its privacy and the emphasis they place on guests’ discretion.

Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the seasons. Face the start of spring with a pampering Day Spa designed to leave your skin refreshed, radiant and revitalised.

Recharge and nourish your skin with an invigorating Salt & Oil Scrub before a comforting, luxurious and indulgent body treatment entirely personalised to meet your needs.

Calm and hydrate your complexion with its technically advanced facial procedure, before a delicious and healthy lunch complemented with a glass of Champagne or freshly squeezed juice in the Spa Lounge.

End your day willing away the hours on the extensive thermal floor at ESPA Life at Corinthia and take home a selection of ESPA products that will take you through the season seamlessly.

News of the ESPA

We are pleased to announce that ESPA has just launched a LIFESTYLE MEMBERSHIP called Spirit. The Ultimate Membership for Mind, Body and Soul. A gateway to luxury and a lifestyle reference for the sophisticated urban dweller, this membership grants you privileges and exclusive access to London whilst ensuring your optimum wellbeing of mind, body, and soul.

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