EquipHotel 2018 Announces The Winners Of The INNOV18 by L’INNOVORE

EquipHotel 2018 Announces The Winners Of The INNOV18 by L’INNOVORE ⇒ The INNOV18 by L’INNOVORE & EH18 awards, also known as the EquipHotel 2018 Innovation Awards, promote and reward innovative products presented by exhibitors at the show. L’INNOVORE is an intelligence platform for monitoring innovative products and services for catering professionals. All year round, L’INNOVORE shortlists, tests and selects the latest innovations. Leading industry experts will come together to judge the best innovations from the show. The winning innovations will be showcased in a totally new Innovations area with events running throughout the day. CovetED brings your the 5 winners of EquipHotel 2018!


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Catering – Natural Straw From COMATEC

EquipHotel 2018 Announces The Winners Of The INNOV18 by L'INNOVORE


Environmentally-friendly innovation is part of the COMATEC DNA. This new range of straw drinking straws is handmade in Europe from 100% natural materials. These organic untreated straws are certified Food Contact Materials in line with European standards, and come in two sizes (150 & 230 mm). Perfect for cocktails and hot or cold drinks, their environmentally-friendly design maintains its shape.

Pav. 7.1 – C008


Design – Lodges From Meubles Hotel

EquipHotel 2018 Announces The Winners Of The INNOV18 by L'INNOVORE


These “Lodges” from Meubles-Hôtels are environmentally-friendly, wood-framed structures with wood fibre or Biofib insulation (French standards RT2012), that can be installed anywhere. They provide high-level comfort, at least comparable to a 4-star hotel room, and come well appointed. They can be installed in record time and used immediately, and are wheelchair accessible. The concept is scalable to meet any needs, up to the construction of a full hotel.

Pav. 3 – E049/E050


Well-being – Elmer

EquipHotel 2018 Announces The Winners Of The INNOV18 by L'INNOVORE


Elmer is an Italian-style shower that dares to take technology, safety and environmental concern to a whole new level.

• A sensory experience: the showerhead uses micro-drops to release an enveloping, environmentally-friendly flow of water.
• A scented experience: includes an essential oil diffuser for all the benefits of a built-in spa.
• A smart experience: programme flow and temperature, control water consumption, voice-activated control.
• An audio experience: a sound system turns the materials into a speaker.

The freestanding structure and shower tray with the built-in frame means that it takes under 3 hours and no heavy work to install. With 4 models, 12 dimensions, 12 colours and textures and a number of options and functions to choose from, it is also fully customisable.

Pav. 4 – B107


Technology – Eelway

EquipHotel 2018 Announces The Winners Of The INNOV18 by L'INNOVORE


Managing items that are left behind can be repetitive, time-consuming and expensive for hotels. During busy periods, this kind of task often gets forgotten, badly impacting customer satisfaction. Eelway is a start-up that develops Customer Experience services and tools and has created a management platform for shipping forgotten items and baggage left in hotels. Eelway lets customers go online and choose their transporter, insurance policy and delivery time, pay and then track their item with ease.

Pav. 7.3 – H101


Jury’s Choice Special Award – YouBed

EquipHotel 2018 Announces The Winners Of The INNOV18 by L'INNOVORE


For the first time ever, there is a bed that can meet the greatest challenge of the hotel industry – how to ensure that every guest has a comfortable bed. Thanks to YouBed’s patented innovation, hotels can now offer their guests a customised sleep experience! The Swedish YouBed is the first bed with integrated pocket springs for adjustable firmness to meet the individual comfort preferences of any and every guest, without compromising on quality. Using a hand control that shows the distribution of bed firmness, guests can easily adjust bed firmness, with fine-tuning for shoulder and hip areas.

Pav. 3 – L170


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