EquipHotel 2016 – Highlights from a unique experience

EquipHotel 2016 – Highlights from a unique experience

November 12, 2016

EquipHotel 2016 is one of the main events in Europe for all Hotelware professionals, so we can say that is more than just a trade show. This event occurred between 6 and 10 of November in 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles
75015, in Paris, France. EquipHotel 2016

The fair, that many call it often as the Nr1 Hospitality Trade show,  is known for offering a full range of catering sector products and services. This event had always an atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else, this year was the same. In EquipHotel 2016 were gathered several brands that were exhibiting the latest creations of their catalogs, that is why everyone should visit the fair and for those who miss it we want to allow you to peek some of the most important moments of the event.


EquipHotel 2016 made some successful installations like Studio des Chefs, SIGNATURE, SENSES ROOM, INNOV/16 and STUDIO 16.


Studio 16 – A place where the latest innovations in hospitality and catering are shown. An ambitious project that aims to bring to life the hotel of the future, a place for living and connecting. Studio 16 showed some of the new rules and trends of hotel and restaurant industry.

Senses Room – The suite that explores the five senses. We all know that are endless ways to stimulating the senses but if you add the new technologies and the finest materials you can live a unique experience, one-of-a-kind in every aspect. Senses Room explored a pack of unbelievable solutions around cognitive and sensory experiences that surprised everyone.


Studio des Chefs – Where you could find chefs competing in the culinary arena,  taking us into the world of the restaurant industry. From Michelin-starred chefs to up-and-coming chefs, from restaurant owners to apprentices all in one space. One aim, to put excellent gastronomy at your service.

SIGNATURE – is an exhibition within the exhibition. A “mood board” of lifestyle concepts where ambiances, materials, and colors formed trends created by French designer Stella Cadente, the names are “Brooklyn Attitude”, “Ruby Velvet”, “Fifty Brazil” and “Luxury Gold”.

INNOV/16 – offered a collection of products of the hospitality sector allowing the visitors to take on a journey to the very heart of EquipHotel 2016 showcasing over 300 products identified by exhibitors as the best new arrivals for 2016 (in the year 2014 the collection was known as Equip’Innov and showed only half of the product presented this year).

We will show you now the highlights of EquipHotel 2016 and invite you to dive into the unique experience that had 1600 exhibitors from all around the world (more than 37 countries were represented), 250 innovations, and 30 business sectors grouped into 4 main categories: Kitchen Equipment and Food Products; Decoration, Design and Fittings; Bathroom and Spa, Technologies and Services. This year, for the first time, to discuss the major hospitality and catering industry trends were formed a team of experts, consisting architects, designers, and hotel owners.

Whether you are looking for exhibiting companies or their products there is an easy way to check all the information you need to know about the exhibitors, everything is available on the website EquipHotel so visit it  but first, you can see here the EquipHotel 2016 – Highlights. There were many brands with great product that have the quality to be here as well but we only can show you a few, here it is:

BB Contract by Brabbu 3

BRABBU CONTRACT creates integrated solutions for upscale hospitality contract projects. BRABBU CONTRACT. BRABBU CONTRACT has a curious soul and is always searching for new materials, textures, scents, flavors and colors that give life to each design piece. If you want to know more information about the brand visit BRABBU CONTRACT, explore as much as you need, there, you can find some of the products that were exhibit on EquipHotel 2016.

BB Contract by Brabbu 1

Vista Alegre was one of the brands that made an impact in EquipHotel 2016 . With the moto Design for Taste, the were several pieces that caught our attention of the event. Vista Alegre by offering products in a wide variety of styles, from classical to contemporary, can reach many people with different kinds of aesthetic tastes, therefore, the brand appeals to a wide range of consumers. Founded in 1824, the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory was the first industrial unit dedicated to producing porcelain in Portugal. Visit their website Vista Alegre in order to see what you miss in Paris and the amazing other pieces that they have in their catalog.


 Ffuuss was another company that centered attentions of the public, presenting the new ffuuss hand dryer, with technology adapted to consumers’ needs. A company that combines invention, design, technology and manufacturing.  


Myyour was another company that caght our attention. They presented the new oxidized collection, with  a distinct manufacturing process, which is meticulously followed as to ensure perfection.The artistic expression of these decorative creations showed us their unique vision.

myyour design

Essential Home presented to us the new products of their catalogue, namely Vinicius Side Table and Carver Armchair. Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian design. The harmony between classic and contemporary design was present in each product shown in EquipHotel 2016.

Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian design. The harmony between classic and contemporary

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