Ellen DeGeneres presents Home Book

Ellen DeGeneres presents Home Book

Ellen DeGeneres presents Home Book

November 3, 2015

Award-winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres makes a debut in interior design. The entertainer is adding interior designer to her list of accomplishments. DeGeneres started performing stand-up comedy at small clubs and coffee houses. Her character features of being witty and funny helped to achieve popularity and interest at once.


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Nowadays the star is sharing what she’s learned in a new book Home along with a sneak peek inside some of her previous homes. The book was released on the 27 of October.


Except having her own show, the entertainer gas shared her wisdom for the first time with the world by way of stunning photography and an intimate look at seven of her properties. Having moved around between various rental homes growing up in New Orleans, DeGeneres said she’s constantly on the search for that perfect house. The houses from the book look like a mélange of incredible architecture, world-renowned collaborators, beautiful home furnishings, and all-around aspirational style.



The bussiness woman confessed that she wanted to be a designer when she was 13 years old. Ellen believes that you don’t have to have money to have good taste. In Home, DeGeneres divulges her passion for interiors and real estate. Her new tome explores each of her eclectic properties, from sprawling yet secluded West Coast horse ranches to masterfully curated Beverly Hills enclaves.


“I’m actually a little nervous about how much I’m sharing. But it’s important for people to see that this really is a genuine passion of mine, not just a business venture. I think people were kind of really surprised, like ‘Ellen’s into design?!’ But everyone who knows me and who is in my life has known that for a long time,” DeGeneres says.


Basically, Ellen DeGeneres hopes to inspire people in interior design, showing her spacious villa in Santa Barbara to a mid-century classic in L. A.’s Holmby Hills. More exclusive news soon! Stay in touch with CovetED!

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