Discover SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* Project For Dubai Design Week 2018

Discover SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* Project For Dubai Design Week 2018 ⇒ SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* collaborated with Wood-Skin and Alkanoids, distributed by H&H Studio to create Parametric Surfaces, a distinct, multi-dimensional experience for Dubai Design Week 2018. From 12-17 November, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, which is the brainchild of principal designer Andrea Sensoli and his partners, intends to captivate the audience with a new theme that transcends the boundaries of current trends and takes them to a new dimension.


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Discover SUPERFUTUREDESIGN Project For Dubai Design Week 2018


The concept, Parametric Surfaces is a result of collaboration and partnership with Wood-Skin® and Alkanoids, and the merger is pleased to unveil the new project at one of the region’s biggest design conventions, Dubai Design Week 2018. To give some context, the practice explained that their concept embodies how mankind has become accepting of the idea of virtual themes. At the same time, it goes on to comprehend that we still make sure to stay grounded in reality. Parametric Surfaces is an installation that aims to captivate attention with its structural presence – radiating style, elegance and simplicity. What appears to be a bed sheet tensed by a frame box is actually designed to give a surreal view into the abstract notions that lie behind what can be seen. The frame, which is made from finely finished wood, enhances user experience because of its visibility and unrealistically smooth appearance that makes one want to touch it.


Discover SUPERFUTUREDESIGN Project For Dubai Design Week 2018


Visitors who want to engage with the structure on a deeper level can venture into the installation’s complex side, the technical complications that need to be addressed before achieving outwardly minimalism. They can see the intricate patterns of technology, detailed mechanisms and design effort that go into creating the tiny waves visible on the surface.


Discover SUPERFUTUREDESIGN Project For Dubai Design Week 2018


The complex ingenuity of the structure holds something for emerging designers, experts in the field, as well as design enthusiasts. Once you begin to notice the intricacies of the project, you can comprehend how scalable and expandable it is, making it easy to work on for almost any kind of technique. Much closer to the original theme of the futuristic design is how visitors can find themselves pulled out of the physicality of the sculpture with augmented reality. Then, they can see a vision that’s uniquely immaterial. When it comes to the many ways that you can interact with this structure, one’s imagination is truly the limit.


Discover SUPERFUTUREDESIGN Project For Dubai Design Week 2018


Partnering with SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, H&H Studio distributed the specially produced material Wood-Skin® that due to its innovative process transforms the materials into 3D products to create the sculpture. Because of the material’s origami-like features, it can transform into an infinite number of shapes while seamlessly incorporating their functions; this highlights the structure’s identity. It’s set to become a very popular staple in designing specialized areas like concert halls. The lines along the folds are what make it customizable and programmable through software.


Discover SUPERFUTUREDESIGN Project For Dubai Design Week 2018


Conversely, Alkanoids guided and developed the idea of augmented reality in the project, only to seamlessly incorporate it to the installation. They created customized content that runs on their proprietary ARIA application. It’s dedicated to the event exclusively and beautifully accents their theme and medium, which experiments with abstract forms and geometry. This Dubai Design Week 2018, the audience will be able to add their own personal context to a design like Parametric Surfaces. It will definitely make for an interesting sight.

Where: Dubai Design District, in front of Building 11
When: 12 – 17 November 2018


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