Deviehl Coffee Set: The Perfect Coffee Set: Beauty and perfection.

DEVIEHL made the perfect coffee set, perhaps the world’s most beautiful one! This Deviehl Coffee Set is unlike anything you’ve seen before and will be available through Harrods in London, and online at Amara. It is a great gift for christmas. Deviehl and Ross Kopi showed us the evolution of drinking coffee experience.

deviehl coffee set

Deviehl Coffee Set

deviehl coffee set

Spoon detail

Deviehl is the perfect gift for those who can afford the luxury of drinking in great style. This beautifully crafted Deviehl Ross Kopi Espresso Set from Deviehl brings with it the expertise of the best. The advanced insulation technology system helps to keep the coffee temperature longer, together with a beautiful hand-turned Cocobolo rosewood outer makes of this drinking vessel the perfect coffee set, with fine porcelain inside.

brabbu Upholstery

With natural rubber ring that holds the cup steady the vessel is accompanying by a curved spoon also has a matching gold finish.  Finished with gold-toned material and with high gloss multilayer lacquer polish,  this masterpiece may have achieved perfection. The Deviehl team spent a lot of time  fretting over every small design and engineering detail. The Deviehl Coffee set is the best gift for those that enjoy  luxury and beauty, this “perfect” espresso cup.

deviehl coffee set

Hole detail.

Deviehl and Ross Kopi, the internationally  acclaimed  Sumatran  wild  Luwak coffee, launched the exclusive limited edtition of the Coffee Set. This exquisite Deviehl Coffee Set includes 200g of  Ross Kopi Wild Luwak Sumatra Coffee. For those who don´t know,  is the most expensive coffee in the world, price per pound costs around $400. Kopi Luwak coffee is created by collecting and treating digested remains of coffee cherries eaten by wild palm civets, a small cat-like mammal, sourced in Indonesia. Deviehl teamed up with Ross Kopi, master blenders of the world most precious coffee, to make to drinking coffee experience to achieve new heights. What if every morning started with the sublime delight of sipping a hot wild Luwak espresso from such a beautiful masterpiece that is the Deviehl Coffee set.

deviehl coffee set

Deviehl Coffee Set  (the perfect coffee set?)

The Deviehl Ross Kopi Espresso Set is the best gift for coffee aficionado. Perhaps worthy of being on the holiday gift list of this year.

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