Coveted Exclusive Interview with Christopher Guy


Coveted Exclusive Interview with Christopher Guy

May 27, 2017

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Christopher Guy is a renowned British luxury furniture brand that is highly acclaimed internationally mainly due to its cutting-edge designs with a classical spin. The designer started out in the 1990’s in the industry of decorative mirrors, but after drawing inspiration from his journeys and the overall building design business, the designer had always the burning passion for expanding the brand’s horizons to upholstery, furnishings and many other enticing collections, thus conceiving a versatile and distinctive world.

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The British designer is heavily involved in all every single part of the design process, from creative to manufacturing issues. The designer views everything as a source of inspiration to create and produce, nothing is obsolete when it comes to design.

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1 – How would you describe your brand?

I would describe the brand as having a contemporary mood with timeless values. My aim is to add a subtle elegance into each product with a sprinkling of the Christopher Guy DNA design philosophy which is central to the brand. Regardless of whether a piece leans towards modern or an earlier period, the question I always pose myself is if I would wish to display that item in my home. If the answer is no, then I would tend to go back to the drawing board!

2 – How did your brand start in decorative mirrors and now you have collections of chairs, sofas, home office furniture?

When I started 25 years ago there was generally only classic mirror frames out in the market, so I decided to take a new and fresh approach to their design. The Christopher Guy brand was subsequently launched in 2007 to create a full lifestyle collection based on my interpretation of how I would see Coco Chanel’s home if she were with us today in her full glory.

3 – You were born in Britain, but you lived in Spain and France. In what way, did these countries influence your work and professional options?

I was raised in Britain as well as in Spain and France, and now reside between Singapore and LA. My inspiration is drawn from my global travels and the many art forms, while greatly inspired by the female form and the elegance, sophistication, and grace that comes with certain type of femininity. The early James Bond movies had a huge influence on my creative thinking as they allowed me to dream, starting with the beautiful opening titles by Maurice Binder, layered with music composed by John Barry, film sets that were filled with exotic homes, Riva speedboats, Aston Martins and of course the beautiful women. There was also the time spent as a teenager building a house from the foundations up in the South of France. This was balanced with periods in less glamorous locations, from West Africa to a dusty little village in Java from where I started todays business.

4 – Which three words better define your production?

Timeless, Elegance, Beauty

5 – You have already received several awards. In what way, are these prizes important for you?

I never placed significance on certificates, to the point that to this day I never collected my end of school exam results despite being head-boy. So it was ironic how excited it was to receive an honorary Doctorate from California’s Otis University a few years back. I am lucky to have since received a number of awards, from which I hope to inspire the up and coming talent.

6 – What are your main goals for the future?

I have another business, Luxury Style holdings, which is dedicated to creating software and marketplaces for the global decorative industry. My aim with this when launched is to transform and reinvigorate the way the decorative sector sells its wares.

7 – What is your opinion about design nowadays?

Today’s leading interior designers produce a very eclectic look, a mix of materials and styles. Classic furnishings have moved out of favor with the younger audience and I don’t believe it will ever return, as the skills required to design and make these is forever decreasing. I still design a few classic pieces but have generally moved to an organic, timeless, and contemporary look.

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At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, ICFF 2017, Christopher Guy presented on Booth 2111, the Brand showcased the 2017 Christopher Guy Collection, Mademoiselle.

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Some of the highlights of the brand’s booth in terms of products were the mahogany carved, Chez Harrods Cabinet, the magnificent Nymphia Mirror and the simple yet sophisticated Seurat Sofa as well as the harmonious Margarita cocktail table.

exclusive interview with christopher guy

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