Capsule Collection by Christian Louboutin and Sporty Henri


Capsule Collection by Christian Louboutin and Sporty Henri

October 12, 2016

On a collaboration together, Christian Louboutin and Sporty Henri launched in April 2016, a magnificent capsule collection for men as announced by the former. It is a chic and stylish four-piece limited edition of sneakers and it will take everyone by storm. Furthermore, it is the ultimate fusion between sports and fashion, a playful yet fashionable design bound to impress everyone. So this will be perfect for those passionate about fashion and stylish designs.

Capsule Collection

Sporty Henri is a devoted e-concept platform developed by French professional handballer, Henri Tai that features unique designs and brands.

Sporty Henri

This is not the first time that the two have collaborated on a design together, as in this year, they also designed the official uniforms for the Cuban National delegation team for the Rio Olympics Games. Despite this, this actually marked actually the first time Christian Louboutin has co-branded a product.


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In order to cast a more luxurious effect on sports footwear, these sneakers prosper from a clean palette white, black and blue, representing Tai’s company’s logo and trademark. In each sole, a bright red is inscribed, a signature feature from the famous Parisian designer.


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This limited edition capsule collection of sneakers were exclusively available in New York and Los Angeles through Christian Louboutin’s Men’s Boutiques, just so one can have an idea of how compelling this capsule collection really was. The two amazing artists conceived a project out of enthusiasm and appreciation for sports that any athlete would be starstruck to wear, and it is can also be a source of motivation as one can easily be inspired to better their life and practice more sport. Always in style!


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