Boutique Design Trade Fair in New York


Boutique Design Trade Fair in New York

November 2, 2016

Coveted will explore some of the biggest fairs in the upcoming weeks. This article will feature this article the Boutique Design Trade Fair, in New York, a compelling and elegant approach to hospitality design industry. The event is presented annually at Javits Center and greets everyone who is passionate about design. Throughout this article, you will see some pieces that were exhibited in previous editions.

Boutique Design Trade Fair

Considered to be the nexus of hospitality design, the seventh yearly edition will occur during 13-14 November and it will be a blissful convention for manufacturers and marketers to view the latest high-end design elements of hospitality.

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Hospitality Media Group produces the annual Boutique Design Trade Fair and basically develops and manages the best designs and services in the hospitality industry. The fair also counts with that many partnerships and associations.


The Gold Keys Award is one of the industry’s most famed celebration that happens due to creative and innovative methods and ultimately transpires Boutique DNA through the use of fairs and conferences.


Javits Center

The fair is going to expand once again and expose more than 600 products, from wall coverings, to furniture, to flooring, to carpeting and fabrics, and also accessories, and many others. These products are bound to be installed in the most prestigious commercial buildings, like hotels and restaurants, and guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirit. Each space within the fair is displayed by a specific hospitality firm or designer. The following will be exhibit this year: the Bar Archipelago, Ooh-La-La, Midnight Garden, Runway, and Darling Nikki. Design Boutique will also feature key focus on virtual and artificial reality technologies with a program entitled, The Incubator.


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The Boutique Design Trade Fair is also a learning experience as it offers workshops and continuous educational sessions held around Manhattan that teaches the best techniques for one to thrive in their business.

So if you often visit fairs of such quality, you cannot by any means, miss this one, especially if it is in the city of lights, New York. Boutique Design Trade Fair is an inspirational, informative, sociable, and entertaining event that will ascend, without a shadow of a doubt, your knowledge and admiration for design.