Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 

Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 

April 16, 2020


Boca do Lobo, the luxury Portuguese interior design brand celebrates 15 years and has prepared a series of surprises. The luxury brand partnered with CovetED in this new vision and will open the doors of their house to deliver a captivating experience in the comfort of your home.




15 Years of Designing and Crafting Exclusive Pieces



The House of Boca do Lobo is taking all design enthusiasts to an immersive digital experience to proudly celebrate the 15o Anniversary. The brand took a step forward and prepared a creative adventure with the open-doors house for private online presentations, product releases, surprising environments surrounded by experimental music, cool entertainment, and renowned partner’s exhibitions.



 The digital age allows now designs lovers to get closer by joining a perfect gathering that embodies the house’s fearless spirit to keep up the spirits at home. With this exclusive tour, it will be possible to explore new design creations, bespoke solutions and the limited-edition collection in a contemporary decor set. To complement this experience with even more life and a sense of exclusivity, Boca do Lobo has gathered some special guests to come along in this journey.


Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 


The brand unexpected edge already involved distinguished partnerships such The prestigious Illulian Showroom, located in the Milan fashion, the most modern design trends and that of antique carpets and tapestries, the publisher worldwide known house of Assouline, Myface Outdoor Furniture is rooted in the latest design, music and fashion trends and the creative process leads the brand to meet individual taste and personality. Cobra Art company and last but not least Konrad Wines and Lifestyle that brought together what belongs together: lifestyle, style, wine, music & enjoyment. It is a place where rare wines and champagnes celebrate their grand entrance, new friendships are made, business ideas originate and relationships are cultivated.


Dining Tables Boca do Lobo


360ª Virtual Tour

15 Years of Designing and Crafting Exclusive Pieces


Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 


The house will have two main spaces, the Indoor Space and the Private Lounge Area. The Indoor will have on display the most wanted pieces of all time from Limited Edition Collection, perfectly placed in two outstanding living rooms, a dining room, an office area a and entertainment lounge, enhancing the experience of Boca do Lobo through distinctive art sensations and handcrafted techniques. The Private Lounge Area is the special factor surprise to get into the mind of design masters and show the world that exclusivity comes with a great purpose of creating meaning yet unique ideas.


Living Rooms

Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 

Versailles Armchair from Boca do Lobo


With a signature of contemporary style, the brand adds a touch of avant-garde mixed with unique elements and materials. The two-living room shows exactly this moto. The Versailles Armchair and the Soleil Armchair create a perfect luxurious area yet romantic in a peculiar way, while the Imperfection Set fulfils the vibe of the entire room by its energy and extravagant appearance and unique shape. Two distinct environments yet with the same DNA.


Dining Room



Entering into the Dining Area, a ravishing detailed table, Metamorphosis Dining Table, takes the main role, beautifully detailed, combining a classic style with a touch of modern vibe through the edges. Symphony Sideboard, a recent launch, is strategically positioned in this ambience to provoke a breakpoint between environments and lead you into different moments.


Entertainment Space


Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 


This sumptuous house had to have a room where enjoyment is the rule. Entering into the game lounge space, all can see the definition of detailed, bespoke and costume-made design. The classic but edgy Metamorphosis Snooker Table takes the main role with one-of-a-kind design aesthetic and refined statement to the most influential minds. Surprising everyone, the Brand created and now presents a Poker Table, that shows once more that there are no limits for creativity.


New Architectural Masterpiece The French Court’s Greatness


Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 


Wanting to express the absoluteness of craftsmanship and the passion to create art, Boca do Lobo envisaged a piece of furniture with powerful expression through traditional craftsmanship. The MasterPiece proves that the outcome of architectural and designing thinking can be impressive. It all began with the study and exploration of historical art pieces. Following Boca do Lobo’s soul and essence, our passionate team of designers wanted to keep paying tribute to tradition by creating an authentic design concept, inspired by the Versailles expression.



The Sideboard is more than an exclusive upholstery piece which reunites centuries of history and culture into a unique design inspired by the French Court’s greatness and pomp, inspired by 17th century architectural and cultural landmarks, was created to enrich any living space.

Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 


Boca do Lobo Is Creating a Line Even More Exclusive Than their Collection



The Preservation of Exclusivity

Bespoke Grand Piano Filigree

Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 


Debuting on 16th April, the bespoke Grand Piano Filigree is the first expression of a new discreet and hyper-luxury service from the House of Boca do Lobo, the Bespoke line. The exclusive service is reserved for the brand’s design enthusiasts craving to satisfy their appetite to create one-of-a-kind pieces that nobody else has. The leading piece is inspired by the most precious art technique: Filigree, anchored in classic hand-crafting techniques and eccentric aesthetic.


Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 



The Bespoke Line expresses Boca do Lobo’ expertise and the willingness to keep on the highest standards and fulfil the desire and needs of design experts. A tailored service to convey the most personal and indulgent experience, supported by the finest craftsmanship and the passion for innovation to create singular masterpieces. A remarkable step for Boca do Lobo which embodies the house state of mind and fearless spirit to craft very personal wishes. Distinctive, inimitable and custom-made, this bespoke product is the equivalent of a personalized emotional experience, which offer no less than the ultimate in craftsmanship and first-class, calling for clients to work hand in hand with the in-house design team.


Boca do Lobo Celebrates 15Year Anniversary With A Virtual Odyssey 

Already known for the know-how to create unexpected design concepts, Boca do Lobo presents a fully bespoke service where the central theme is a creative collaboration between design experts, talented craftsmen and customers. The bespoke line of Boca do Lobo becomes a way where each customer can show their identity, passion, distinctiveness. The mission is to push boundaries while following customer’s ideas, updating on an icon, disrupting aesthetics, creating standouts in any space. From special objects to grandeur wishes as special yachts, restaurants, hotels and homeworld.


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