Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art ⇒ Barbara Nanning is a ceramic and glass artist coming from a mid-1980s generation of artists who have helped shape the entire contemporary Dutch ceramics world. Her style is both exquisite and original and combines an innovative technique that includes different kinds of glass, colours, and intricate shapes, which create exuberant and unique crafts. CovetED brings you yet another irreverent artist, so keep on reading!


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1 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

Made with Alexandrit Glass, this piece is part of her “Monochrome” collection. Photo: ©Barbara Nanning


Barbara Nanning is another artist to follow, and proof of that is basically everywhere. –  Thimo te Duits –  a 20th-century art historian of decorative arts – describes Nanning’s work as “Combining tradition with innovation, Eastern opulence with Dutch austereness, freedom with structure and reason with emotion. Nanning’s work is an interesting mix of unequal quantities without becoming complex; a fusion of carefully chosen and at times seemingly contradictory elements, which in the end look so self-evident that no one wonders about the unusual combination of ingredients. She unites classical artisan methods with innovative use of materials to achieve an entirely unique language of form, one which often develops in the making process, the turning of clay on the wheel and the blowing of glass.”


2 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

An exquisite piece from her “Verre églomisé” collection. Photo: © Barbara Nanning


Still, the question remains, what is it that makes Barbara Nanning so outstanding? In her own words, her inspiration is “nature, both organic and inorganic”. She is fascinated by the forces of gravity, the balance between positive and negative elements, as well as the contrasts between inner and outer forms. – In short – her work aims to capture the essence of movement and growth, which she achieves so well.


2 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

An incredible piece called “Fire Bird” from her “Coloured Shadows” collection. Photo: ©Barbara Nanning


2 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

A closer look at the details inside one of her “Verre églomisé” collection pieces. Photo: ©Barbara Nanning


Although Barbara Nanning is trained in both ceramics and glass art, recently, she started “painting” with glass, where the drawing follows the form. Colours repose as thin layers over each other, folding into the blown curves; they appear as coloured shadows coming loose from each other. Her goal here is to alter shapes and colours, bringing them closer to still-life like forms. Still, that isn’t all she achieved with her work, she has also brought back to the industry a completely forgotten technique that enriches the enticing inner surfaces of her dishes – glass gilding.


2 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

The exuberant Best of Europe room at Home Faber 2018 Venice where European Craftsmanship was united. Photo: © Covet Foundation


2 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

Unique work from her “Verre églomise” collection made with the innovative technique Alexandrit Glass. Photo: © Barbara Nanning


In the end, what makes Barbara Nanning’s work so distinct is the dichroic glass type that has the ability to change from sapphire to lavender colour, depending on what kind of light shines on it. This, as well as all her other achievements, made her a worldwide recognized artist, with her pieces being used by French architect and designer Charles Zana and British interior designer Francis Sultana – two of the more renowned names in the interior design industry.


2 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

Just outside Paris, architect Charles Zana tailors a midcentury house to suit its owners’ dazzling collection of contemporary art, using some of Nanning’s “Verre églomisé”. Photo: © Richard Powers – Architectural Digest


Continuing on her chronological path of achievements, Barbara Nanning was present at Homo Faber 2018 in Venice which is one of the most renowned showcases of European craftsmanship. Here she was honoured with the invitation of exhibiting her work at the ‘Best of Europe’ room, where the most acclaimed designers and makers of Europe were present.


2 Barbara Nanning Brings Innovation to Ceramic and Glass Art

Francis Sultana uses one of her “Verre églomisé” pieces in this extraordinary project. Photo: ©Elle Decor


While there, Barbara Nanning brought a few pieces of art glass such as the bowl “Verre églomisé” which showcased her rich craft and where techniques like ‘Alexandrit Glass’ where used. The art pieces were also stunning, and most of them were composed in orange gold leaf, blown, hand-formed and sandblasting. – A visual delight no one could miss!



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