Art of Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Art of Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 17, 2016

Art of Pink is an innovative cause promoted by the Peninsula Hotel to bring breast cancer awareness. This year, it will be fashioned by China’s most avant-garde photographer, Chen Man, with her extraordinary artwork in Nao Nao collection. Her collection is a revolutionary statement as Chen defies the way the world perceives Chinese woman and fashion sense in China.  This successful and inspirational series is being exhibited through October in all Peninsula Hotels.

Art of Pink

The Peninsula Hotel New York, alongside China Institute of New York, will auction Chen’s piece in a gala event at Cipriani Wall Street in order to raise funds for the cause. The Miss Wan Studies Hard photograph, above depicted, was actually sold for $45,000 which was then donated to the China Institute and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Art of Pink

Headlining the event is a photograph of a Chinese woman riding a bicycle through Beijing while wearing elegant clothing of Dior which was already created back in 2011. Symbolizing breasts and the colon, the picture is camouflaged by two enormous pink dots on each side. If one goes to the Peninsula of Beijing, they can interact with this photograph, by slowly erasing the rosy particles with Nao Nao bamboo sticks, and therefore, revealing the freeing and exhilarating background. Art of Pink also shows empathy and bravery.


Chen’s idea originated due to her childhood, was to create an open discussion, a place where one could speak without being judged, this way one would not reprieve their feelings. In other others, with this design Chen wants to bring awareness to breast cancer by starting a constructive dialogue between people.


Instead of victimizing women, as it expected by normative standards, Chen Man celebrates women as true liberating heroines and fighters, and thus, breaking glass ceilings and misconceptions that are built upon women from early on.

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So it is imperative that if you have the chance, you have to go to one of the Peninsula installations and participate in this wonderful initiative, the Art of Pink.


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