A visionary look into Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork Star Wars


A visionary look into Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork Star Wars

October 30, 2016

Star Wars is one of the biggest cinematic creations in the world. Ralph McQuarrie was responsible for conceptual art and the design of many of the characters which ultimately gave life to the franchise, alongside other issues, like the incredible directing technique of George Lucas and the well-written screenplays. However, it is only fitting to showcase these breathtaking results through a two-volume collection developed by David Mandel, Brandon Alinger and Wade Lageose.

Star Wars

The collection was made available on 27 September from publishing editor Abrams Books and it is titled Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie, and as said previously, it has everything that was done by the marvellous conceptual designer and illustrator from costume designs to conceptual paintings. In addition, the book also features unseen designs, interviews, and contemplations from McQuarrie’s friends and family

Let’s take a closer look at some paintings – including fan favorites R2-D2, Chewbacca, and even some villains hold a special place in our hearts, yes, I’m talking about Darth Vader – found in this visionary book:









In regards to the authors, Brandon Alinger has had been a firm presence in the Star Wars Universe through the means of research, interviews, location visits, etc. And he also wrote a book, entitled Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy. Wade Lageose is a graphic designer who was a very good of McQuarrie, bringing unique source material to the project. David Mandel is an art enthusiast and collector who also plays a significant role in the film industry.

One can imagine that it was not an easy process to recollect information about McQuarrie’s visionary work, there are so many layers to a project of such dimension, especially taking into consideration the monumentality of Star Wars, but in the end, you could not have asked for a better group of people to remember McQuarrie’s triumphs and legacy.

Coveted concludes this presentation with a very realistic and wise quote from Lageose about the influence and grandness of Ralph McQuarrie.

“Starting in November 1974, McQuarrie began to create a visual vernacular for the Star Wars universe that is still being used today, and that’s just crazy. George Lucas had the concept, but through Ralph’s paintings, we saw the vision of these new characters in new worlds, and it was mesmerizing … As in many of his early Star Wars paintings, there’s a spontaneity/energy to it, and beyond the extraordinary technical merits, each of his paintings told an engaging story that kept me coming back, again and again.”


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