The Eternally Magical Watch: TACS Automatic Vintage Lens


The Eternally Magical Watch: TACS Automatic Vintage Lens

November 4, 2016

If by any means, you are looking to buy a new watch this season, well here it is your opportunity, as Coveted will explore the alluring and creative side to TACS, an immersively innovating vintage watch set to become one of the trendiest timepieces ever developed.  It was designed by Yoshiaki Motegi and it is incredibly fitting for adventurer spirits ready to discover the world.


Evidently, a futuristic design must have an iconic name without comparison to any other, and TACS is no exception as it stands for Taste, Attractiveness, Creativity, and Style. Its look was majorly inspired by vintage cameras and lenses, as you can see depicted in the image above. Putting two and two together, it is the perfect timepiece for those who love photography and adventure lifestyle.

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automatic vintage lenses

TACS’ powerful composition disposes of Japanese philosophy and design which in turn gives it quite the sophisticated look. As said before, the overall structure of the watch resembles camera lens which is quite visible on its dial. In addition, the double sapphire glass creates a mesmerizing fish eye effect that only makes it more fierce.

designed by Yoshiaki Motegi

This eternally magical piece is powered by Miyota 82S0 movement and has resistant leather straps completed by manufacture company, Horween. Its exceptional appearance is reinforced by its 47mm gold plated stainless steel case.

magical watch

Instead of using a markers and indices system, the automatic vintage lenses watch is developed having in mind the aperture and focal lengths of a camera, therefore featuring a numbered scheme that parallels such notion.

vintage watch

This vintage watch is the ideal gift to give to yourself or someone you deeply care about. It currently costs $429. Take this favorable time, as Christmas is just around the corner, and purchase this luxurious timepiece as opposite to some common and mundane present. It is a guaranteed success!

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