Sisters Olsen open first flagship for the Row


Sisters Olsen open first flagship for the Row

August 6, 2015

Just at the famous Melrose place, a stark white mid-century building hides the new secret gem of Los Angeles called the Raw – first retail store of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.


The shop’s outdoor area comes equipped with a recessed pool for swimming. And like it wouldn’t be enough, just in front of the pool you can find a leather basket of plush towels besides it for those who wish to take a dip mid-shopping. Even Mary-Kate herself can’t hide the temptation to get in on the action when seeing the pool.



The place of the store was not chosen accidentally. It hides a deeper story behind it. It came out that a 3,800 square-foot space has been converted from a hair salon which the sisters had both loyally visited since the age of ten, making this place more personal than any other.


Before finding this place, sisters had some doubt where to open their first retail store in New York or Los Angeles, but when the space of a Sally Hershberger salon became available all the doubts was gone.


The sisters says that this store is the start of a concept that will grow over time. They wanted the store to reflect LA and the way they approach their brand. It was important to them not only sell The Row’s ready-to-wear items and accessories, but include furniture, jewelry and décor from local vendors, as they evolve into a lifestyle brand.


Almost all that you can see in the store is on sale. The residential-style store features furniture sourced from local purveyors JF Chen, Galerie Half and Thomas Hayes Gallery and paintings by artists John Tweddle, Sergej Jensen and others, vintage jewelry and objects and all of it you can buy just here. There are also Manolo Blahnik shoes and Sidney Garber jewelry. Sisters admitted that the idea is to make this place a creation of what they love and what inspires them, so that’s what they do.

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If you want to look around by yourself or immerse your legs into the tempting blue pool, you can find it at 8440 Melrose Place, Los Angeles and it can be visited from 10a.m. to 6p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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