Meet Minimal And Sustainable Design With Vola

Meet Minimal And Sustainable Design With Vola

October 21, 2019

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Vola proudly celebrated its half a century of minimal and sustainable design throughout 2018. This Danish design company of luxury bathrooms, yet sustainable, is renowned for practicing and innovating modernist pioneer Arne Jacobson’s original 20th-century designs. And today CovetED Magazine honours this luxury brand core founding values that have driven its longevity.


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Vola has been launching minimal, highly-crafted and sustainable bathroom products since the very first 112 tap, for 50 years. One of the secrets for this huge success lays on its core values that have remained the same since 1968. Innovation is a mindset achieved through values. It was Verner Overgaard, founder of Vola, who inspired a Danish sense of curiosity and passion for learning. This approach has resulted in an enduring inventiveness that will smoothly carry Vola through the next 50 years.


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It is clear to the Vola team that Overgaard’s values are still wholeheartedly embedded within the designs and the craftsmanship. Whether it’s in a sketch, material, technology or a person pulling up a chair to join the discussion, innovation is always at the forefront. Vola’s values are reflected in the functional simplicity of the products.




Applying this perspective to design and production, resulted in innovation from the first 112 tap designed by Jacobsen, to a whole range of products based on the Vola modular system. Modularity has ensured consistency and continuity, yet allows for the flexibility desired for today. While the core concept of pure design, simplicity and function has remained the same, progressive technology, and careful adjustments have allowed Vola to continue on an onwards trajectory, pushing the boundaries of design. Modularity has ensured consistency, as well as the flexibility desired for today.


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The Vola T39 towel warmer is an example of this modular innovation. The design means that it can be customised to any space. While owning a piece of classic Vola design, users can also adapt it to their contemporary needs.

Vola’s pioneering longevity means that even the very first products are still in production – and, it goes without saying, a lot has changed since the second half of the 20th century. Throughout the challenges of the last five decades from industrial revolutions, increasing awareness of environmental issues, growing consumer demand for sustainability, even social changes in how people use their bathrooms, Vola has continued to thrive by staying true to its founding values and future vision.


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Water – the vital element that brings us life, green plants, a refreshing splash – runs through the heart of Vola. At home, the Danish brand has shaped the way we experience water for half a century, and in return, the path of water guides how each Vola product is designed. Architects and designers choose VOLA for the emphasis that its products place on purity and pleasure. Precision of water flow, responsive control and the careful, silent blending of water and air create perfect bathing experiences.


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Thanks to Vola, the modern bathroom has been through somewhat of a revolution. No longer merely functional, today the bathroom is a daily sanctuary to soothe the body and nurture the soul. Wellbeing isn’t a trend for Vola, it’s embedded in the culture of the brand and its home in Denmark, and has been for 50 years. A Vola design, with its minimalist lines, soft curves and quality craftsmanship, can transform a straightforward space into an escape. No wonder architects and designers are seeking out Vola designs – they can elevate a family home or an architectural icon alike into a modern moment of pure wellbeing.


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Vola products have always been made in Denmark, where every step of the manufacturing process is carefully considered and exacted. Vola keeps everything close to home to ensure absolute precision over each stage of production. The team continuously ask questions: How can we throw away less? How can we reuse more? The result – a product that becomes purer, and purer still, from every refinement of its design and production.


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This highly-crafted process is met with Vola’s commitment to pure materials. Vola only uses the finest quality brass and stainless steel, always sourced from trusted suppliers with long-term relationships with the brand. The recycled waste materials carefully collected from the manufacturing process remain pure, and are always sent back to the foundry to be reshaped into the next batch of raw material, beginning the process again to create a new product, or replacement part. Proving its steady commitment to less waste, Vola makes new parts available for each well-loved product, prolonging lifespans even further.

The quality and consideration of craft allows for pure and environmentally conscious design, a Minimal Sustainable Design.


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