Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light


Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light ⇒ Following last year’s successful dramatic presentation at the Teatro Gerolamo during Salone del Mobile – which won the most prestigious Milan Design Award – this year, the Czech company LASVIT is pleased to present “The Theory of Light”, which makes the observation that light is formed by Reflection, Perception, Spectrum, and Nature. The luxury lighting brand presents these findings by means of four outstanding installations. CovetED takes you on a journey through the brand’s creative process, as well as their new products.


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Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light


LASVIT’s constant mission is to inspire the world with the beauty of glass. The company combines its link with the age-old tradition of glassmaking in Northern Bohemia with an innovative approach to the modern world. “All four lighting installations showcase the unique features of pristine glass. Glassmaking is an honourable craft, and after six centuries it still remains a bit of a mystery. Glass is the backbone of everything we do, yet still we are amazed by its myriad possibilities. This year we wanted to show the beauty of glass that has inspired LASVIT for more than a decade,” says President and Founder Leon Jakimič. All four installations are flexible and customizable, and can be transformed within the space they occupy. Each is unique with special glass techniques, qualities and original features.


Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light


An experiment with Perception conducted by Kateřina Handlová and Katarína Kudějová Fulínová, a creative pair of LASVIT designers, reveals their exploration into whether people could transform their emotions into a ray of light. The sculpture called Traces connects an individual ensemble of glass components through a high-tech approach and enables viewers to express their emotions through light and colour. “Traces is transformed according to its interaction with viewers, who can leave their emotions written in glass and light,” explains Katarína Fulínová. For a moment, everyone can become a co-creator of this spectacular installation, which changes according to their mood. “The installation is alive, and never looks the same twice,” adds Handlová.


Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light


An experiment capturing the colour spectrum by different glassmaking techniques resulted in De-Lux-Ity. The designer, Wanda Valihrachová, used colour coding as well as surfaces and their colour features, finding original inspiration in street art. “I wanted to show that glass art has no limits and that it is very powerful visually,” she says, presenting her pieces as unparalleled, unrepeatable glass graffiti. The experiment with reflection was led by Mária Čulenová: You only see things when light rays bounce or are reflected off them,” she says. Čulenová selected the moon, and the components of her installation, Aura, are reminiscent of its surface, plateaus, arid seas and craters. The experiment conducted by LASVIT Art Director Maxim Velčovský represents nature which can create lighting as well as human beings. The entire piece resembles a tropical vine, hence its name, Liana, which is ‘vine’ in Czech.


Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light

Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light


At Lasvit, they believe that their lighting presentation wouldn’t be complete without thoughtful pieces for smaller spaces and a larger audience, and there are wonderful novelties in this year’s LASVIT collection of lighting design. “We have always wanted to create smaller pieces to bring beauty and inspiration into homes as well as large residences, hotels and ballrooms. This year we have created original pieces, which I believe will inspire you as much as they inspire us,” says the General Manager of Collections, Marcel Náhlovský. LASVIT fans and collectors will love the new Neverending Glory M, designed by Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus. A new approach has also resulted in the Crystal Rock Raw collection, designed by Arik Levy. And a brand new collection was conceived thanks to our collaboration with American architect William Pederson. Glacier captures the beauty of ice in glass. New pieces will also be displayed from the Yakisugi collection, designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, and the Duna collection, designed by Zaha Hadid.


Lighting Brand Lasvit Presented The Theory Of Light


At Euroluce two years ago, LASVIT presented their first design lighting collaboration with the Canadian creative duo Yabu Pushelberg. Since then the Cipher family has grown and now there are a table lamp, a floor lamp and a wall-sconce too. As a system, the Cipher collection is extremely customizable, with limitless possible configurations for private residences and bespoke installation projects.


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