Fabulous Dior’s flagship boutique in Seoul

Fabulous Dior’s flagship boutique in Seoul

August 6, 2015

With an enormous raise of the purchasing power in the South Korean capital Seoul, famous brands started to expand their legacies here. Christian Dior was not an exception. More than that, it decided to surprise the market with its landmark flagship-shaped store.


The Far East affluence is bigger than ever what made the region the undisputed new frontier in luxury retail. Areas once deemed negligible are now blooming while the sophistication of a few established markets has developed at an accelerated pace.coveted-fabulous-diors-flagship--boutique-in-seoul-6See also: DIOR’S BEAUTIFUL GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS

Most popular fashion shop destinations for a long time has been Tokyo and Hong kong, each with an impressively vast and diverse retail scene. But the new league of noteworthy cities has recently emerged. It’s Seoul and the rest South Korea and such a global luxury industry’s players as Christian Dior have already made their mark.


The Dior opened one of the largest fashion shops in the city and because of its outstanding architecture the building hardly can stay here unnoticed. The design of the store was created by French architect Christian de Portzamparc who said that when creating the building he thought about the movement of the fabrics, the weaving effects, and then created a facade that would explore these elements. The white softness is like the couturier’s toile when he’s at work. It has a sense of movement that plays with light.


The interior was created by New York-based designer Peter Marino. It looks like an equally dramatic affair and combines understated lines with cues from brand’s headquarters on leafy avenue Montaigne in Paris. All six floors of the building are connected by dramatic spiral staircase made of glass and steel. And when you climb these stairs on the top floor there is a nice surprise for you – cafeteria with beautiful and sunny outdoor terrace to fully complete your immersive shopping experience. Not to mention, that dining place is run by renowned patisserie Pierre Herme.


Inspired by the curves of the material, Dior flagship boutique is more than just the shopping place. It is like a creation of art which is worth to be visited as well as worth to be admired.

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