Dom Pérignon P2 bestowed by Christoph Waltz


Dom Pérignon P2 bestowed by Christoph Waltz

October 24, 2016

The worldwide famed champagne house, Dom Pérignon is about to feature one of the most astoundingly proficient actors of our time, Christoph Waltz, to be in its first ad film revealing the brand’s new product, the ultimate Dom Pérignon P2. If you are a lover of vintage champagne then you should definitely keep a close eye on this one.

Dom Perignon P2

Dom Pérignon

Watch the short feature below, entitled P2 Plénitude Deuxième. Touched with plenitude:

This black and white production portrays the delightfulness and uniqueness in which the brand makes each and every product. The film gains even more prestige in virtue of Christoph Waltz’s authentic performance. It is for no reason that the Austrian actor already has two academy awards for his roles in Tarantino’s motion pictures, Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained.


The ad film starts off by employing Waltz’s acting abilities as he savours the exclusive champagne and the overall experience. This is followed by the tasting wherein the actor is moonstruck by P2, mesmerized by its essence he is left speechless as the explosiveness of the ultimate champagne is still in effect. One can wonder if this can even be consider acting, as it feels so natural, regardless, Christoph Waltz does a tremendous job highlighting the qualities of the French champagne.  The director responsible for capturing such raw emotions was Billy Kidd.

In order to maintain Dom Pérignon’s vintage and classic composition, the video is accompanied by Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. The title of the melody is quite self-explanatory and perfectly fits the subject.


With a vast history of producing the best champagnes, Dom Pérignon is at its highest point yet and is only going to get better, as this intensive and exquisite brand is always looking for original ways to produce the best types of champagne and sparkling wine.

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Source: Luxatic