CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Lorenza Luti

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Lorenza Luti is the daughter of Claudio Luti Kartell‘s CEO – and also plays a significant role in the company as its Marketing and Retail DirectorCovetED had the chance to interview Lorenza during Salone del Mobile 2019, to ask her about her career path so far as well as what’s in store for the future of Kartell.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview with Lorenza Luti

Lorenza Luti


CovetED's Exclusive Interview with Lorenza Luti

JJ Martin and Lorenza Luti


Lorenza takes great pride in Kartell, due to the brand’s ability to innovate. Her favourite product is the Componibile cabinet, designed by her grandmother, that has been on sale for over 50 years. “It’s still one of the best sellers of the brand and very relevant in today’s design.”


CovetED's Exclusive Interview with Lorenza Luti

Componibile cabinet by Cartel


The “A.I.” project with Philippe Starck was one of the highlights of Salone del Mobile this year. Lorenza sees it as an advantage for Kartell, since it makes the production process so much easier and faster, making it able for the brand to deliver the products in a shorter amount of time. 


CovetED's Exclusive Interview with Lorenza Luti

AI chair designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell


“We like to work with premium luxury Italian brands and we are putting our energies together to push the ‘Made in Italy’ out into the world.”


CovetED's Exclusive Interview with Lorenza Luti

The Kartell Bloom Lamp made out of murano glass


When it comes to craftsmanship, Kartell always had a strong connection with this concept, since all their prototypes are made by hand. The connection is even more special when it comes to Murano Glass, because Claudio Luti’s father worked with it. 

“Everybody is working on making sustainability happen, not just in the product, but also in the company’s process. We have to keep more than an eye on it for the future.”


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