Top Interior Designers: Exclusive Interview with Denis Kosutic

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Top Interior Designers: Exclusive Interview with Denis Kosutic ⇒ As the artist behind massive design projects, such as Palais FG, House de Mar and Orlando di Castello, the Vienna-based architect and designer Denis Kosutic views interior architecture as a subject of consumption, not a monument to eternity. When he was younger, the designer dreamed about being a fashion designer and movie director but went on to studied architecture. After concluding it, it was with all of his knowledge and experience that he finally found his true vocation in interior design.  


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Top Interior Designers: Exclusive Interview with Denis Kosutic


What Košutić enjoys the most out of being an interior designer is the “hard work and you have to love it and be strong enough to do it. The moment of standing in front of your realized vision is one of the best sensations I know.” The interior designer believes that freedom is where the key to success lies. He brings positive energy and good spirit both into his designs and personal life. As a matter of fact, it is by following such a perceptive philosophy that his interiors are so highly commended. Denis Kosutic also notes that “nothing is for the eternity –  design is made for people and should change and develop all the time because the way of life and the everyday needs of the people change in the modern world faster than ever before.”


Top Interior Designers: Exclusive Interview with Denis Kosutic


He views the interaction between designer and client as one of the most important aspects of the working process, as he discloses, “The work is always a combination of my personal attitude and the spirit of the client, influenced by the location, building, room and task. The success of one project is the result of the perfect mixture of all those components – the function and the form have to build the perfect unit at the end. That is the only way for me to make the client and myself really happy.” For Denis Kosutic, it is really imperative to take the client into a new journey, a unique experience and walk towards a road of rediscovery. The interior designer is known for producing “out of the box” projects and he becomes this versatile by being so inspired by the everyday things, by art, fashion, music, movies, history and, of course, people. It is all about the things that surround us, one just has to truly pay attention to it.


Top Interior Designers: Exclusive Interview with Denis Kosutic


When asked what best describes his work style, the designer said “mix and match of very different elements and styles are the basis of my work … “I adore colours and patterns. Colours are emotions, patterns are able to open a new dimension of the surface – the smart interaction of both creates a fantastic atmosphere in the interior.” For the designer, every project should have a narrative, should tell a unique and awe-inspiring story, to take advantage of the now and translate it into the design. Denis Kosutic’s speciality lies on designing one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, carpets or wallpapers for particular projects, but not only that, he also makes sure that their understanding for the client’s vision and the nature of the task itself are clearly reflected in the final product. Altogether, his work is quite personal, contemporary and artistic.


Top Interior Designers: Exclusive Interview with Denis Kosutic


In regards to keeping up-to-date with trends, sometimes he prefers going the classical route while others opting for something new and trendier, but overall his projects end up being a mixture of both. For him, it is crucial to always find the right way to create a story, taking into the consideration the specifications of a certain project. He believes that “The real challenge is putting them in a very unconventional context and creating some completely new and unique compositions. I`m not obsessed by trend itself but also very aware of it. The spirit of the time should be clearly noticeable in my projects. We are not allowed to keep standing, we have to move and develop all the time trying to create new trends.” In addition, Košutić is not a firm believer in long-term planning as he prefers to accept challenges as they came and truly embrace them!


Top Interior Designers: Exclusive Interview with Denis Kosutic


Moving on to recent projects, Denis Kosutic enlightened us a little bit more about his latest project, “The idea was to view over the roofs of Vienna and feeling the intellectual spirit of Paris and the coolness of the NYC Park Avenue at the same time.” In conclusion, the designer leaves a positive message for the design world: “Designers have an important possibility and also a purpose to make the world beautiful and to help people to live in a qualitative environment. The influence of the interiors in which we live, work, shop or eat is immense and we should use it in a positive way. And never be afraid, just do it.”


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