The Tailored World of Maison Valentina

The Tailored World of Maison Valentina

January 10, 2021


Believing that not only the other parts of the house should be luxurious, but Maison Valentina was also born with the purpose to offer the customers an introspective moment and a unique experience, based on exquisite and sophisticated bathroom furniture combined with comfort and functionality. With all this in mind, CovetED is thrilled to bring you the tailored world of Maison Valentina: An interview with Sara Lança and Rita Rodrigues.


The Tailored World of Maison Valentina


Maison Valentina’s CEO and COO, Sara and Rita, were asked to share, in firsthand, the brand distinct attributes, the pandemic impact, and the expectations for the future.


How would you define Maison Valentina in the world of bathroom design?


The Tailored World of Maison Valentina


Maison Valentina was born with the intent of bringing a luxurious feel to the bathroom, so our main goal was to create spaces capable of reflecting those who use it. As a result, our mission is to re-define the bathroom as a private oasis, a private retreat, a place where we can go unwind and relax without feeling guilty about it.



Maison Valentina Koi Mirror




The Tailored World of Maison Valentina


The way we live our lives makes us believe that claiming our time is something wrong and selfish, however, we, at Maison Valentina, believe the bathroom allows us to awaken our senses, by providing a truly sensory experience that ends in a moment of inner care and full contemplation of ourselves.



What do you think that makes Maison Valentina stand out?


The Tailored World of Maison Valentina


Maison Valentina is recognized as a brand with a diverse selection of products and categories, handmade by professional artisans with years and years of experience that combine noble materials and techniques. These skilled craftsmen focus on answering the customer demands for customized and tailored pieces, which contributes to the exclusivity factor on our brand.



Considering the paradigm shift we have been witnessing in the past few months, what was the strategy to overcome these challenging times?


The Tailored World of Maison Valentina


Since all the major tradeshows were cancelled, adjustments were in need. As such, we decided to create a virtual tour through the esteemed brand’s collection by using real product images, to perfectly portray the astounding quality of the pieces, making the client feel like he is inside a showroom. This virtual showroom is available on our website page, offering our stakeholders the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the most unique bathroom furniture and, consequently, re-imagine their spaces with our products.


Besides the virtual showroom, how did you manage to keep customers present and close?


Understanding the business consequences of this pandemic, we were aware that a marketing strategy was imperative. We started to use social media has our main communication channel, engaging with our customers and dialoguing in real-time.


“We continue to inspire and captivate people´s attention through our Instagram account, showing our products, lifestyle images, new launches and products, which led to highest social following increased we have ever had in Maison Valentina’s Instagram profile.” Besides this social network, our customers can access to other inspirational platforms, such as the Room by Room page on Maison Valentina´s website, as a way to show our products placed in real settings as a way to provide even more ideas and solutions for everyone who is looking for an upgrade to bathroom ambiences.



Since we are almost welcoming the new year, what are your expectations for Maison Valentina in 2021?


Innovation and exclusivity are Maison Valentina’s key attributes and, definitely, what we look forward to the upcoming year. However, we must keep in mind that this virtual work will continue to be a reality, and our significant challenge is and will be to find new tools that will let you experience this feeling. Above all, we have ongoing projects that will bring new ways to inspire, captivate and promote stakeholder’s interactions. For 2021, we are also thrilled to share that we will take part on a very special project called Home’Society, that will incorporate a marketplace functionality but will also serve as a solution to people who are looking for modern style furniture and interiors inspiration. This project will totally revolutionize the way our brand communicates, sharing interviews, podcasts, and much more. Despite the fact that Maison Valentina will become even more digital, we will remain available to receive our clients in Covet Douro and Covet Valley in Porto, Covet London and Covet Paris, as a way to experience what our brand means and feels.


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