Porro Design Principles


Porro Design Principles

April 28, 2015

Today we present you design news from an Italian brand Porro. Below you are welcome to get more about design projects that Porro was leading with other designers.

Have you ever heard about Porro? Founded in Brianza, the Porro family has run the firm in accord with a furnishing vision that unites the craft traditions of the time with the state-of-the-art production and computer technologies of today.


Maria Porro, a daughter of Lorenzo Porro, was happy to meet with us during Milan Design Week 2015.

Covetedition Magazine – How would you describe Mr. Lorenzo?

Maria Porro – He is a dreamer who knows how to make a reality from a dream. Furthermore, he is an architect with special view on design and objects.

CM – Please define Porro. How did it start?

MP – Porro was started by my great grandfather 90 years ago. This year we are celebrating our 90th It started as a very small art design workshop. After that it grew up during economic boom in the 50s and then my grandfather and father turned it to a real industry. Thanks to our artistic director Pierro Lissoni, the face of the brand was changed, bringing it to the modern era.

CM – How is it important to be here at the fair?

MP – It is really important for us. We are here for 50 years and never missed one. Milan is the center of design worldwide. We are working the whole year in order to present a new collection during Milan Design Week. It is the most significant moment for Porro team.

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CM -Which are the fairs the brand would like to attend to?

MP – It depends on the brands. We prefer to be focused on the Milan fair. During the year we work together with our showrooms to make something for the other fairs in different cities. In general, the biggest investment is during the Milan fair. Except this, the ICFF and London Design Week are very important for us as well. Talking about Asia, we usually cooperate with our local showrooms in Japan during Design Week.


CM -In which countries is Porro represented with showrooms?

MP – We have one flagship store in Hong Kong and Milan as well as some concept stores in Bangkok, Tokyo, where you can find new collections. In addition to this, we work with showrooms of other brands where they take care of Porro pieces. We assume to open South America market soon. Overall, Porro is all around Europe, USA and Asia.

CM – Is there any new collection that you can tell us about?

MP – The novelty of this year is new Ellipse table designed by Front and a compact daybed by Gamfratesi. It has a pure shape and line of Ellipse that creates this beautiful table. It may fit in a small house because of its small size. Apart from this, we have a compact daybed by Gamfratesi which is called a Traveller. Made of leather, it reminds of Safari atmosphere. In addition to this, this year we have two sideboards by Piero Lissoni, where he wanted to experiment with color. We are big producers of wardrobes, bookshop systems. We presented new items of all systems: transparent shelves, woods to cover the walls. The general idea is to have a wardrobe where dresses and other objects are the protagonists instead of the furniture itself. It shouldn’t be heavy, but full of light.Covetedition-Porro-Design-Principles-daybed-by-Gamfratesito

CM – Do you have any product that really characterizes Porro?

MP – This is a good question. We have Ferro table designed by Piero Lissoni. Flying in the plane, the designer thought of the shape of the plane and got this beautiful idea to create a unique table. This masterpiece will turn 20 years next year. Made of metal in a perfect way, Ferro table tells a lot about Porro.


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CM – Do you have any exclusive collections and limited edition products?

Yes, of course. Last year we worked with a maestro Alessandro Mendini. He designed two cupboards for us and we decided to do a limited edition. There is 90 pieces, where each of them has a license.


CM – Can you tell us your favorite spots in Milan?

MP – Well, I will give two answers. First of all, you have to visit Porro showroom, where we have beautiful exhibition for our 90th We are presenting ten boxes created by ten different designers with the idea to work not at something commercial, but focus on the idea itself. We gave them the freedom to experiment with techniques, woods, textures, finishes. At the same time, all area of Via Durini is extremely interesting, as there are plenty of beautiful design showrooms. Except this, I would advise to go at the top roof of Duomo di Milano for a breathtaking view.


All in all, the culture of Porro furniture as a family heritage, together with the principles that govern production – clean lines, regular forms, functionality – have enabled Porro gradually to secure a large share of the international market.

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