Luxury Living Group Exclusive Interview

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Luxury Living Group Exclusive Interview

August 11, 2015

written by Sara Lança

This time we are taking one Exclusive Interview from the Coveted Magazine to present you the very best of Luxury Design – Luxury Living Group. Read this article and see the amazing projects they have to offer !

Luxury Living Group

We were in the early 70’s when Alberto Vignatelli established the Club House Italia SPA, with the idea of creating an exclusive furniture range. The Luxury Living Group was born by this time. A strict attention to detail and the most refined aesthetic sense is marking this group since its inception.

Luxury Living Group is a leading organization in the luxury lifestyle and furniture sector, unique by developing, producing and distributing furniture collections for some of the world’s most celebrated brands.

We can characterize the group by the use of the finest materials, a large variety of finishes and the limitless prospects offered by customizing the pieces. Exquisite craftsmanship along with innovative technology and a loyal community of clients and partners was built up all over the world.

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The fusion between fashion and interior design

The first collaboration with the fashion’s world occurred in 1988, with Fendi Casa.

“We always try to take something from fashion, but it depends if that something results in furniture or not. If, for instance, fashion presents us pink or purple colors, they could easily work in the fashion but not in the house decoration”, says Mrs. Raffaella Vignatelli, Vice-President of Luxury Living Group.

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Alberto Vignatelli, the President and Founder, had always the necessary know-how and experience in the high-end furniture industry, leading the company into a development and distribution of a home collection produced exclusively for a fashion company.

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The Group followed up that initial experience with others, gradually building a world-class brand portfolio featuring names like Kenzo, Bentley, Trussardi, Bugatti and Vladimir Kagan New York. As for house brand, the company expanded Heritage Collection, a brand with a glorious tradition under the curation of Alberto Vignatelli.

The presence of Fendi, one of the world’s most admired luxury fashion brands, and Bentley, the definitive British luxury car company, crafting high performance, gives the portfolio a strong base, complemented by Heritage by Alberto Vignatelli in the high-end of the market, Kagan New York Collection in the 20th century design market, and Kenzo Maison in the fashion market.

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Following the last trends

Luxury Living Group was present in Maison & Objet Paris 2015, last January, with three stands, and, at the same time, in imm Cologne, with two other stands. “With a huge space and three different collections, because we believe those are the right places for us to be”, explains Mrs. Vignatelli.

These shows were marked by particular improvements on three brands. New colors of Fendi, with a spot of colors around and a development of September’s collection.

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A modern touch on Heritage collection, with new color inside, “without forgetting the DNA of Heritage”, clarifies the Vice-President.

Bentley also got new models from Paris. “We try to work with Bentley with all their materials and colors, always relating with the cars”, tell us Raffaella Vignatelli.

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Bentley best inspirations

Bentley is the perfect example of fusion between furniture and cars. As Rafaella Vignatelli says, “furniture must be recognized from costumers, they have to say «Yes, this is Bentley! And I want it because it is like my car and my office». We always try to stay near the colors, and of course, in a house we need to play with warm colors”.

“We need to let people really understand the connection between furniture and the cars”, she adds.

Bentley’s materials are the best, high-quality, high-end line: the best cashmere, linen, silk, velvet or leather. The group cannot use medium quality materials.

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“We try to be present in the Bentley dealers all around the world, because every day we have car’s costumers interested in the furniture, so we are trying to stablish a connection in order to develop our presence around the world”, she argues.

“We know that when Bentley is present in shops, people walk in and out the store with the brand pieces. We don’t have to tell them «Buy it!», because when they walk in, they say «I want it!»”.

Bentley has 300 worldwide dealers and partners and 10 directly owned shops and showrooms; they are located in some of the world’s most strategic cities such as Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Milan. The Group has some bases closer to home, in The Palazzo Orsi Mangelli, a historic XVII Century building in the Centre of Forlí, in Italy.

Luxury Living’s brand portfolio is one of the largest ones in the furniture industry, and it is continuously evolving.

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A large Mission

The mission of the Luxury Living Group is to represent the most refined furniture collections around the world, realized with exquisite Italian craftsmanship along with innovative technology. There is a huge respect for made in Italy traditions and craftsmanship.

The use of the finest materials and a large variety of utmost luxury finishes and excellence in quality are also part of this large mission.

Luxury Living lifestyle represents exclusive atmospheres with its unmistakable style where luxury and class blend perfectly.

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