Graphic Design and Multidisciplinary Approach of Folsom Studio

In Paris CovetED Magazine had many adventures and fabulous meetings with designers and design companies during design events. Here you have an exclusive interview that we have done with Folsom Studio recently at Maison et Objet 2016. Discover more about this design studio here.
CovetED Graphic Design and Multidisciplinary Approach of Foldom Studio menu restaurant design
CovetED Magazine:Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?
Folsom Studio: We are currently launching our edition structure which will stand as a kind of manifesto for our future design. We are really enthusiastic with the idea of bringing this project to reality as we have been thinking about it for a long time and it will be a great way to  develop a new side of the studio keeping in mind our creative values.
CovetED Graphic Design and Multidisciplinary Approach of Foldom Studio pictures
CovetED Magazine: What furniture pieces are you more focused to develop right now?
Folsom Studio: Right now, we are focused on finalising the design of new furniture and products, but we already have many ideas about the next set of objects we want to develop, such as candlesticks, tables or kites.
CovetED Magazine: Collaborating with a wide range of designers, how do you group them to work on a project? What range of service do you provide?
Folsom Studio: Our studio has a multidisciplinary approach, which means we work on space, graphic and furniture projects. Above these expertises we like to start projects with a strong creative direction and concepts, and we believe this is how we manage to combine a diversity of skills. We like the three of us to work on every projects and bring their own perspective during the brainstorming sessions, which means a page can be designed as a space, a furniture as a graphic pattern or a logo as an object.
CovetED Magazine: As a global design studio, how do you find the new relations for work with top places and designers?
CovetED Graphic Design and Multidisciplinary Approach of Foldom Studio design
Folsom Studio: We already have a large circle of friends and designers that we met during our studies, but it occurs that we meet new people at exhibitions or discover new places on internet. Actually we like unexpected meeting where connections are more natural and fluky.
CovetED Magazine: The book design is quite interesting field to develop. Do you have a lot of projects?
Folsom Studio: We have already worked on book design in the past, this is a field we really like to work on because of its diversity, those kind of projects deal at the same time with object, space and graphic design. We hope to get more of those projects in the future.
CovetED magazine Graphic Design and Multidisciplinary Approach of Foldom Studio
CovetED Magazine: What design techniques/principles are used in remodeling the apartments by Folsom Studio?
Folsom Studio: Each apartment remodeling has its specificity because of the personal purpose. Designing a restaurant is in a way more simple because it answers strict conceptual and commercial constraints, but redesigning a private apartment brings others parameters specific to every client. We like to start those projects by understanding our client’s taste and reason why they asked us to work with them. We then provide tailored propositions with our creative input and sense of detail, which means we will work for example on door handles. We really think that the details make the difference on each project.
CovetED Magazine: What are looking for to discover at Maison&Objet 2016?
Folsom Studio: We visit Maison&Objet every year to discover new trends and get ideas for the different projects we work on. We really like finding new solutions to any creative challenge, but we also believe that a part of our job is to stay connected with the creative world and the different trends, which helps us to keep providing contemporary design.
Travelling and design may be simply combined. More information about the world of design may be found at Inspiration page of CovetED Magazine!



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