Design Interview with Lema


Design Interview with Lema

April 27, 2015

At Isaloni 2015 our team has conducted interior design interview with Lema marketing & export director MAURO MARELLI. Our luxury magazine decided to share information and design news from Italian company Lema with readers.


As far as you know, Lema offers modular cabinets and modular bookcases for each type of dwelling and a wide range of furniture for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Thanks to the consistency of style, sizes and finishes, Lema decorates every room in the house. Lema’s products give a Mediterranean light to the interior of the house, which seem to open out. Lema becomes a house furnished with a house your home. The company’s strong tradition of craftsmanship is reflected in every project, every piece of furniture and extreme attention to product quality.


Covetedition Magazine – What is the general concept of Lema?

MAURO MARELLI– Lema is an Italian manufacturer and belongs to one of the oldest companies in the Brianza region. Brianza is a traditional area in the Northern part of Italy, where the best furniture factories are born. In other words, this small village with a radius of 20 kilometers is the place where everything of Italian furniture is situated.

Lema is still a family owned business. In recent years Lema has become a top player in furniture. We do everything apart from kitchens. Traditionally, soft goods were not included in our history. However, three years ago we presented soft sofa collection for the first time in Milan. So now the style of Lema comes from a tradition, but looks at the future, presenting the fresh Mediterranean style.


CM – What new are you presenting here at Isaloni?

JL – At Isaloni we are presenting 12 new items designed by traditional designers. For instance, Piero Lissoni, Christophe Pillet.

CM – How do you scout these designers?

MM- There are different sources. We like to be very opened and attentive to new designers coming every year. This year we like to use new designers, giving them opportunity to have a stage where they can represent themselves. Thus, we have partnerships with designers.


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CM – Who does the selection?

MM –  The selection is done by me together with our art director Piero Lissoni, who is an Art director of Lema from 1996. Next year we will celebrate 20 years of our collaboration with him. He is a person who clearly understands the evolution of Lema style.

Covetedition-Design-Interview-with-Lema-piero lissoni

CM – What are your major markets?

MM – Overall, Italian market takes 40-50% of total turnover. This is for traditional reasons, as until 90s we were not exporting like today. If we are talking about export, European Community is the biggest part of our turnover. UK, France, Germany are the three major markets. Outside the Europe we have a big development in Far East countries.


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We hope you have enjoyed the interview. Find out more about Lema at their website.

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