CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli

CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli

September 26, 2017

Renowned for producing high-quality textiles and precious silks as well as dressing up the most amazing homes and furniture designs with exquisite materials and textures, the Rubelli Group was originated by a Venetian family and is regarded as one of the best luxury brands in the world. The brand is currently managed by Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli.

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When it comes to everything regarding textiles, Venice was the privileged location to find luxury products, especially in the golden ages. According to Rubelli, there was a decadence period in the 19th centuries and many activities had expired production. In 1889, his grandfather purchased an antique activity that led the way to create the Rubelli brand, which has been rather successful for over 135 years. It started with the development of a small mill and a shop in Venice and it transformed itself into a full-fleshed company which guarantees that the needs of the clients of today’s market are completely satisfied.

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The Brand concedes great importance to blending, tradition and innovation. Nicolò Favaretto confessed that he is extremely aware that a company cannot evolve only on textiles and the same methods, as he explains, “we have to evolve to update ourselves,” he continues, “the original place was a small loom mill and a shop in Venice, the mill evolved with evolved to a high-tech mill, we still have it, we are still weavers, that’s very important because this allows us to do textiles, which are very different, this gives us a different state of mind and gives us the knowledge and craft to make real quality not just a pattern, but make quality in the fabric which is something that is characteristic and distinguished.”

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Rubelli has developed into an international reference having opened stores in Paris, London, New York, and several other countries. In addition to knowing where the real market and clients are, the brand has also acquired or partnered with a cluster of brands, such as Kieffer, which was a more informal collection provided by Paola Navone; Rubelli has also joined forces with Armani Casa, providing exclusive textiles from the Rubelli Collection, and lastly Donghia, American brand specialised in textiles and wallcoverings as well as the lifestyle business. Through the latter, Rubelli received the knowledge to decorate a full home. The designer has also mentioned that fashion is one of the brand’s main inspirations when creating newly bespoke and custom-made products. One of the most exciting and engaging achievements of the brand was doing the curtains of the Bolshoi Opera House.

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We still want to do those things, if a decorator comes and say I have a beautiful home, I want something unique, we will do it. We will study, it could be linen, it could be cotton, could be frame retardant, highly technical, could be golden silk. We don’t care, we want to do something new, so we are happy to continue that and stay weavers. It’s our DNA, it’s our identity, but we also have to invent ourselves in a different way.”

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Entering the world of furnishings started for Rubelli with Donghia, in which they presented a marvellous collection at Salone del Mobile, earlier this year, targeted specifically for the American market. The tailored-made collection is characterised by top-notch quality and a strong presence of Italian style. The brand also collaborated with late Milanese architect and designer, Luca Scacchetti, who created the first line. Slowly by slowly, the brand started to expand their territory in regards to furniture by introducing new designs that hadn’t been properly presented or were made in an erroneous time.

Nicolò Favaretto revealed that it is a continuous challenge to modernise the company, because people’s perception may still lie on a company of antique fabrics, which is not entirely true since Rubelli has lingered onto other ventures as well. In regards to communication, the brand is quite precise on fomenting this idea, and they also present their new pieces or collection in a curated catalogue, which displays a few images that are rather unexpected as well as combining traditional fabrics with contemporary designs and settings.

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In regards to novelties, Rubelli enlisted the help of two young designers, the leaders of Nava+Nava, who created a versatile seat dubbed as Pila 47. The company also launched a wonderful contemporary sofa called Domino which reaffirms the statement of reinvention by adding a sparkling allure while still starting from the tradition standpoint. Moreover, Rubelli also has a Damantio, a new resin surface design which is transparent and gives the sensation that a fabric is floating inside, which is quite intriguing.

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Lastly, when asked what was the definition of luxury nowadays, the designer responded by saying that bespoke, custom-made and uniqueness are what constitute that word, it is not about the gold and preciousness of thing, it is all about uniqueness.

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