Coveted Exclusive Interview with Luxury Brand KOKET


Coveted Exclusive Interview with Luxury Brand KOKET

March 13, 2017

This past January, Coveted Edition had a pleasure to exclusively interview Tânia Silva, sales manager of KOKET. First and foremost, the luxury brand invests in producing high-quality pieces and collections that have a sort of dramatic and enticing effect to them, not only it becomes quite empowering but also concedes a sense of provocativeness and sultriness to design.


KOKET’s Metallic Tease Booth at M&O 2017

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banner artigo coveted

During Maison et Objet, the brand established an utterly glamorous and luxurious theme dubbed as Metallic tease, which was extremely well-received by luxury seekers and design enthusiasts. This idea had its inception back in 2016 and it was asserted by Tânia Silva to developed even more throughout 2017 as a trendy statement with designs that honour the luxurious and cosmopolitan lifestyle.


Lemprica Mirror

This thematic is evidently present in KOKET’s guilty pleasure collection that includes casegoods, upholstery and lighting. At the prestigious event, the luxury brand exhibited new products that completely follows this coherent and cohesive design perspective, such as the Lemprica Mirror which consists of seventy cut mirrors that are positioned in different places so as to transpire the much-adored Art Deco style. However, this majestic piece is not the only one as the Egoist mirror displays a delicately cut like diamond and a golden chain that is embraced at the top by a feminine clutch/hand.

egoist mirror 1

Egoist Mirror by KOKET

egoist 2

Maison et Objet 2017 – Egoist Mirror

This feminine hand can be seen in several other pieces from the collection, from the astouding Nahéma chair (as well as the bar stool version) to the extraoridary Gisele side table which also contains peacock feathers.Furthermore, KOKET is bringing to light, orange colours and earth tones, as it was quite evident by the brand’s booth at Maison et Objet, so as to give seductive, lustrous and raw metallic environment.

nahema chairs

A Dining room set with the Nahéma Chairs and the Intuiton Dining Table

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Gisele Side Table

Overall, one can expect this majestic level of expertise and craftsmanship to reign over the design community and look forward for marvellous novelties from this daring and empowering identity.

gisele 2

Display of Gisele Side Table at Maison et Objet

“I am comfortable taking risks —and often, turning heads and commanding attention. KOKET is not about design trends or fulfilling design voids. It is a highly edited collection—not just of pieces of furniture, but a collection filled with the experiences, simple pleasures, passions and life events that have shaped me” – Janet Morais, founder of KOKET.

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