CovetED Exclusive Interview With Jean-Marie Massaud

The world of design works in mysterious ways concerning the experiences and meanings it provides. It is a detailed art form that requires an abundant amount of willpower and passion from its resourceful professionals. French designer and architect, Jean-Marie Massaud who best describes himself as a perfectionist and generous person, embodies this reality perfectly.

 Jean-Marie Massaud

 Jean-Marie Massaud

Educated in aeronautical engineering, it was later that the designer discovered the wonders of design, having worked in many sectors, from industrial design to furnishings. In 2000, Massaud founded his own studio and has since then collaborated with numerous prominent brands, such as Poliform, B&B Italia, Poltrona Frau and Dior.

 Jean-Marie Massaud

Following a philosophy of improving something for the better and giving great importance to context, Massaud has a quest of focusing on the essentials in regards to the means and experiences that his creations convey to the public.

 Jean-Marie Massaud

For the designer, a project becomes more than what meets the eye, for instance, when designing a football stadium, a submarine or a car, one must always have the perception of the surroundings. On the other hand, when undertaking a residential project, Massaud contests the idea of decoration or statement and purely concentrates on matters like offering a sense of intimacy, freedom and comfort, hence creating the right ambience and an incredible design.



 Jean-Marie Massaud

Formerly, Massaud would frequently do projects all over the world, from Europe to Japan, to California and México in the pursuit of betterments and understandings. Although, nowadays he doesn’t travel as much in far countries as a personal choice. Massaud’s studio is based in Paris and the designer currently lives in the countryside commune of Saint-Paul-de-Vince, so taking into consideration all the technological progress, it becomes more accessible to contact with his team or go to nearby places.

 Jean-Marie Massaud


Another aspect that the French inventor never neglects is directing towards qualitative values instead of quantitative. It serves as a state of mind for Massaud, as he views that in any kind of society, it is more imperative to grow than to produce an absurd number of things, after all, the essence of living registers in the former rather than the latter.


He believes being awarded a distinction from peers is important because one can receive feedback and be recognised for their professional work. Furthermore, he finds it absolutely fundamental that in the world of architecture or design, one must fortify vital relationships as well as actually experiencing and attempting new perspectives more than to observing.

Massaud Poltrona Fau

poltrona Fau

The ambiguity of a concept like design comes from a variety of understandings of different cultures and ways of living. To Massaud, design sort of boils down to meanings, contexts and experiences, as he discloses, “the way I try to practice it is, of course, by giving people the context of the means to free them from the matter. To give the right opportunities and to live the right experiences.”


In conclusion, he advises young designers to always follow their heart and intuitions, to put themselves in a position of visibility and authenticity. He also mentions that is essential for designers to be specialists of time, signifying an awareness of what is going on in the industry.


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Images Credits: Jean-Marie Massaud

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